dream: it was like i was watching a new movie. there was a couple who was looking at houses to buy. they toured one that was really nice, but looking at the people’s stuff, they thought they were terrorists because they had a book that was about jihad. then they were out somewhere, apparently this was nyc and they saw a missile launch. everyone stopped and was watching where the missile was going, and the trajectory had it hitting the golden gate bridge (which you could apparently see from ny haha). just as it hit the bridge, they saw another missile come out of the ocean, and then go back down into it with a huge mushroom cloud. everyone starts panicking and it’s like Armageddon. it’s all smoky and everyone is running around. this couple finds the rest of their family among the crowd and the woman looks up and sees the statue of liberty, and says they need to go to her. so this mass of people start walking to the statue (despite that it’s on it’s own island…). someone jokes that the statue is going to come alive to save them like ghostbusters. but instead they see this small part of the statue moving, and it’s this statue of an indian with bull horns coming out of his head, which apparently is part of the statue of liberty that comes alive, and he comes down to talk to the crowd of people about needing them to form an army to fight these attackers who are apparently coming across land from the west coast. it was really scary and intense but i can’t explain it right.

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