layoffs coming?

the news paper has it that 210 people at work are getting laid off tonight…the first one seems to be our boss. apparently just got laid off when he went in this morning. fantastic.

*edit*…i don’t understand economics, i admit it never made sense to me in school, so i while i realize the economy right now is bad, and may get worse, it’s not THAT BAD! i think all these companies are freaking over reacting and making things even worse. my company apparently has made 450 million this year. but because it’s not at the projected 500 million they are crying in their peace pipes. they’re trying to get us to work 4 days (so they can save a whole 61.40 that they pay me each day) and now laying off because the “economy is bad”. maybe if all the companies kept all their jobs, people would continue to have money that they could then spend at other companies and no one would have a problem.

400 and 50 fucking million! apparently it’s more than last year at this time, but still just not enough. maybe my communist side is showing…

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