thanksgiving in detroit. we headed up wednesday afternoon and had a basic pizza dinner at my dad’s sisters house where we were staying. thursday we surprised ed and laurice who didn’t know we were in town and went to their house for a few hours and then back to my aunts. my 2 cousins arrived with their kids, 9, 7 and 3. i haven’t been out there in probably 5 years, and had never met the 3 year old. i don’t know what to do with kids but some how my bedroom became a dance party, where they figured out how to use cassettes (i didn’t think they even knew what they were!) and blasted rock and roll (disco really) and danced and jumped on the sofa bed. the little one announced he liked motley crue and that “dad has alot of loud cds” hahaha. he started dancing “like a cowboy” with his hands on his waistband, and doing what i would sorta call the “new kids dance” haha it was cute. the 7 year old was disco dancing like john travolta and i’m like, how do you know that, you’re SEVEN?!

back home early friday morning, so i could nap cuz i barely slept, and then work tonight.

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