arg…new vacation policy at work. alot of us have our anniversary date, and thus resetting of vacation, in december. every year around this time they do the “vacation lottery”, which is the only thing at work based on seniority. you can ask for certain weeks vacation now and those highest in seniority get their preferred weeks. most people used it for busy weeks, like christmas/new years and other holidays. i’ve never used the vacation lottery because i never really know when i want to go on vacation so far in advance, and it’s usually not popular weeks like that.

new policy…if you have 3 weeks vacation you can only take 1 of those weeks as individual days. suck. but even worse, i have to ask for my remaining 2 weeks vacation…get this.. NOW. even if i don’t want to take advantage of the lottery, i have to submit my vacation time, for 2009, by november 5th. w.t.f how am i supposed to know what i want to do and when next year? and someone joked, yeah how do you know when trent will be on tour, haha, but regardless of that…still, no idea when i want to go someplace or where i want to go. and i really don’t want to plan out a vacation that is 8 months away. so i have no idea what to do.

we are allowed to change the weeks we ask for, but when we cancel the week, we have to submit a new week at the same time. ok, that’s not so bad but the whole point of this new policy is to make it easy to do the schedule…how is it going to be any easier to do the schedule when you have people changing their vacation week constantly? how is that any different than letting us pick our vacation any time we want (with 2 weeks notice, as is typical). it’s also supposed to make it easier for people to get the time they need, because policy favors people who take full weeks over people who take single days. alot of people this year, myself included, ended up getting vacation time canceled because all the slots for weeks off filled up at the last minute. but i don’t understand how this is going to make it any easier, since most of the time people taking individual days and not weeks were for weddings and things like that, when you don’t know a year in advance that it’s even going to happen. so they’re still going to be using their one week for individual days, and still have the potential of losing those days at the last minute because people can keep changing their vacation week even tho we have to put in for them now….

it just doesn’t really make any sense to me. i SORT of understand restricting the individual days to only one week, we are going on our 6th anniversary so many many people have earned 3 weeks now, but it still sucks. the only time i’ve needed an entire week off for vacation was the european trip. otherwise i like to take a day here or there, to make a 3 or 4 day weekend to go somewhere. i don’t need 9 days off in a row (5 vacation, plus 4 regular days off around it). i doubt i’ll have the money to do any huge trips, like europe or someplace, next year but i don’t want to take 9 days off and just sit home…

anyway….took some crappy pics of the house today on the point and shoot cam, wow it’s so not wide angle…they’re up on facebook click here.

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