CTRC Award dinner

last night the CTRC received the 2008 Niederlander Award for outstanding cultural programming from the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society. so 5 of us went to the awards dinner at the museum. i was mike’s date, so i didn’t have to pay $150 to go haha. the dinner was in the…lobby i guess…of the building with a bar on the back porch. it was nice, even if i had to dress up and wear heals etc. it was sorta funny though, before dinner mike and i were talking about how we can’t eat ugly food like seafood, and chicken on the bone etc, and then they serve us dinner…chicken on a bone. we just looked at each other. how appropriate. but it was really tasty, and easy to eat, thankfully. mike accepted the award and had to give a little speech. no big deal.

the museum has a neat exhibit on presidential campaigns, with artifacts like pins, ribbons, etc that they used to advertise just like now. there were some great womens suffrage pins on display. they should make reproductions, i’d buy them.

which reminds me i’m still waiting on my obama pins from moveon. i actually paid for them, didn’t just mooch them for free, but they haven’t arrived. my mom who mooched got hers, and i mooched a sticker and got that, but not the pins i paid for….arg. they keep emailing me asking if i got them and i keep telling them no. the election will be over by the time they arrive.

my couch arrived yesterday so i can get the living room more settled and decorated. i hate the green walls but am really too lazy to paint. i feel that none of my wall art goes good with it, or goes good with anything in the house anywhere. it just doesn’t feel right to hang things from abandoned buildings on these walls.

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