first game of the season, and i had absolutely no faith in my sabres. i bet phill that we’d lose…so now i owe him a pretzel cuz we won in a shootout!! YAY A SHOOTOUT! nothing like a shootout win in the first game to give miller some confidence. we scored 2 and montreal scored zero in the shootout so it wasn’t even a close one. we can score and stop them now yay. it had been far too long since the last game, it was exciting to be in the building again.

bad thing…they’ve replaced the dippin dots with those crappy imitation ittsy bitz. and they are not good! they come in little prepackaged bowls, with 3 crap flavours – cotton candy, cookie dough and cookies and cream. and they taste crappy. if we had ended up losing i wouldn’t get them again, but now with a win i have to. but once we lose, no more crap dots. will switch to nachos. phill was mad the arena switched to coke products. what is this place coming to!

went to pearl street with pat, heather and brian before the game. we had terrible service. they reordered drinks when we ordered our food…ordered them again when we got our food…and didn’t get them til we were finished. waited forever for ketchup. in general just bad. we only gave her a 6$ tip on a 100$ bill…sorta felt bad, and yeah it was busy but come on, a half hour for 3 beers and some ketchup? they gave us a comment card that brian filled out, maybe he’ll get sent some gift certificates or something haha

go sabres!

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