Pigeon trophy ;)

how freaking adorable is this….

The Sabres are off to a flying start. Whether they win or lose, that will continue all season.

The Sabres’ equipment staff recently purchased a stuffed pigeon and placed the team logo on the wings. The players have begun awarding it as a trophy, giving it to the player most deserving of an honor from the previous game.

“You always have something to make it interesting and have some fun with it as well,” Sabres goaltender Patrick Lalime told the team Web site while explaining his former team, Chicago, had a tomahawk it passed out.

The pigeon came out because of a statement made by defenseman Jaroslav Spacek when he joined the team two seasons ago. The players were looking for another card player, and Spacek said he was ready to take cash from the “pigeons.”

The bird will accompany the Sabres (5-0-1) on their trip, which starts Thursday in Minnesota and continues Saturday in Colorado.

“It has to fly behind the plane,” Spacek said. “It’s got to come find us.”

And when it’s located, it’ll be in the locker of the hottest player.

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