nine inch nails, philadelphia

headed out to the venue with a detour to try to find food first and got there around 12:45. again not all that many people in line yet. it was a cloudy day but i loaded up on my new 70spf sunblock – which proceeded to get all over my clothes. it better wash out. it rained a bit, nothing like toronto thankfully, and i had bought a $1 umbrella while trying to find food so i was all set and dry. got let into the venue around 6 i think, which seemed like a giant clusterfuck but worked out in the end – rail far on robin’s side.

does it offend you, yeah? played again, their last show i guess. i still like them.

nin came on at 8:15 with the usual. we got the wretched this time, still killer. we got me, i’m not and great destroyer with the screen. later in the set we got down in it instead of the hand that feeds. cool to see again, last time was the summer tour. towards the end of the song some guy somehow got on the stage. it was pretty hilarious to see crew guys start jumping on stage to grab him. the kid started to get on his knees and bow to trent when trent’s head security guy got onstage and tackled him. there were about 4 guys on him getting him off stage. amusing. i think that was the song robin was like, doing the robot hahah.

the encore brought us trent’s basic thank you for coming, intro the band speech. he mentioned being back in pennsylvania and how he tried to get out for 18 years. then more trent talking. he started by saying he’s gotten into the bad habit of talking alot at shows which would probably stop after tonight. he went into how someone asked him what is different about the crowd now compared to when he began. he said he went to see rage against the machine at lolapalooza and was watching from the stage, and everyone in the front were dudes, and how when he started everyone at his shows were dudes, but that now he has alot of hot chicks up front at his shows. hahah. a girl behind me proceeded to throw her bra on stage, hitting robin’s mic stand. so he grabbed it and held it up, trent and robin having a good laugh, before throwing it back to the audience. he missed tho and it fell in front of the barrier so security gave it back to the girl LOL. then they played “a favourite” and went into reptile. yay! trent and robin were laughing about something as it started.

oh one of the 2 shows trent referred to his band as “his friends” which was really cute haha. he’s never done that before.

security guard in front of me had a set list, and toward the end asked me what songs were being played so he could tell if it was almost over. i kept asking him for the set list and he wouldn’t give it to me. after the show i asked again and he said he needed it and i said bullshit it meant more to me than to him but he still wouldn’t give it to me. jerk.

so from ETS…

1. 999,999 [Intro]
2. 1,000,000
3. Letting You
4. Discipline
5. March Of The Pigs
6. Head Down
7. The Frail
8. The Wretched
9. Closer [The Only Time Breakdown]
10. Gave Up
11. Me, I’m Not
12. The Great Destroyer
13. Ghosts 5
14. Ghosts 17
15. Ghosts 19
16. Piggy [Ghosts]
17. The Greater Good
18. Pinion [Interlude]
19. Wish
20. Terrible Lie
21. Survivalism
22. The Big Comedown
23. Ghosts 31
24. Only
25. Down In It
26. Head Like A Hole

27. Echoplex
28. Reptile
29. God Given
30. Hurt
31. In This Twilight

so it’s all over. sad 🙁 it’s going to be a long drive home tomorrow. i really want to go out to worcester for the show, trent said he’d “make it up to us” for canceling, so there’s always the possibility of it being a really great show with rare songs. i know if i don’t go it will be exactly that, but if i do it’ll be same as all these other shows. i just don’t know how work the trip out, how much vacation time i have left, if adr2 has off etc. it’s sorta just too far. dunno what to do. will definitely be going to hamilton and still going to try to work vegas out but i really doubt that’ll happen….


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