EC in my future?

econoline crush is opening for alice cooper in october! so have to go, how fun! october 6, hamilton…you know, not that i need to save money or anything 😛 *edit* blah maybe not, cheapest seats after fees are close to $70…most expensive, include a meet and greet are 484 LOL no lie…maybe EC will do some “off dates”…

anyway. home obviously. the drive home from philly took 6.5 hrs, more traffic in construction areas, and i stopped to eat along the way. i thought about stopping at the state fair, as i’ve never been there and i had to drive right by but i didn’t think it would be all that fun alone. plus i was pretty much broke, mostly from food and parking in philly hah. i somehow also spent the $80 from selling the nj ticket, damn parking and food.

i’m wicked depressed now that the shows are over. and to think i wasn’t even that excited about them and almost bailed on nj and philly all together. *sigh* i wish i was in lexington tonight but instead i have to go work 10-6…3 really good quality recordings of cleveland, detroit, toledo showed up, so i have that to hold me over til november 😛

tomorrow is final house inspection, closing on wednesday. my mom packed up half the house while i was gone, yay! i have to do the office and my room more or less, and instead of doing any of that today i went through photos from detroit and played silly games. you know, my usual at home activities. i suck.

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