Mutter Museum (finally)

went into philly with the main goal of finally going to the Mutter Museum and i was successful. for those who don’t know, it’s the philadelphia college of physicians collection of medical abnormalities and models and skulls and stuff. digustingly fascinating. it’s not a big place but chock full of stuff to look at – body parts and other things in jars, skeletons, and the MEGA COLON. very cool place, some of the stuff was a bit nauseating, and i couldn’t look at the wall of eye diseases and injuries. so gross. ended up running into josh’s drum tech and another crew member at the museum haha. after i drove around to look for interesting stuff, but every time i saw someplace i wanted to stop i couldn’t find anywhere to park. stop and go traffic through whatever area of the city i was in, and the fact i was almost out of gas and there was no gas station to be found i took the highway out of downtown so i didn’t get stranded. gassed up near the sports complex, found a CVS, and resumed driving around. instead of being a tourist i found an ikea hahahah. i love ikea. they have so much stuff for what seems to be so cheap. i bought a huge towel for $14 when at linens and things they’re more like $30…3 set of small tupperwear containers for 99 cents, and a 2 pack of hand blown glass table lamps for $12. they have some lighting that might be useful in the house but i’ll need to go up to canada to look again and buy once i know what i need. drove around a bit more and back to the hotel. may go out driving again later. i thought about going out to atlantic city or asbury park but i probably won’t now.

glen called, going to try to get lunch on saturday in philly before heading home.

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