nine inch nails, east rutherford, nj

oh lord i am so very very sunburned…:(

left philly and arrived at the venue at noon as expected. there weren’t all that many people there and later in the day when security gave out numbered wrist bands i was #21. it wasn’t extremely hot out like detroit but so so sunny and the only shade was the parking garage (where i might say, we were all parked on level G…only funny to nin fans). i sat in the shade for long bits at a time, talking to the french girl i had met in brussels last year, and just trying to avoid a sunburn. so didn’t work. my burn is all fucked up too, as i was wearing the green razor sleeved shirt. also have weird burn on my knees in the 2 inches between where my skirt ended and boots began. gah.

anyway. sold my extra ticket to this girl amy who had been at the last few shows too and had mentioned in toledo that she needed one still. she wasn’t there when i got there and 2 other people said they’d take it, it was a presale ticket, if she didn’t show. turns out everyone wanted it because there were 2 floor sections…the front section where we all got to go, and then a 2nd barrier as if it was a stadium show that seemed to be the regular ticketmaster people. very strange.

got let in around 6:45 and got rail in front of robin, as usual, but even more to the side. i brought my camera for the first time in 44 shows ha. the opener this time was Does It Offend You, Yeah? who’s name makes more sense now that i know they are british. they are definitely the best of the 4 openers i’ve seen. they were entertaining, the music was decent, and no killer strobes.

nin came on to the standard opening for the tour, followed by the frail into…reptile?! so so very weird but reptile again!!! yay. from there to closer and the rest of the set. the crowd was ridiculously tame. i didn’t get touched until march of the pigs (as usual) but even then it was nothing. the people behind me grabbed the rail behind me but it didn’t even seem like they needed it to push back or anything. the girl behind me said she was trying to stay off my back as much as possible, and i seriously think she touched me maybe twice. so hey that was good. robin almost beaned me again with a bottle, and got soaked by him once when i wasn’t paying attention. trent talked what seems to be a pretty standard encore speech now – thanking people for showing up, introducing the band. but then before hurt he said he felt compelled to talk more, and it went something like this: when i started this i didn’t get into it to be famous or rich or to fuck alot of girls, or whatever else people do this for. i had alot of shit in my head that i needed to get out. and you sit alone and write these things down and they actually get recorded. then you find out there are other people who identify with the same things. it’s like we communicate….something like that. robin fucked up on survivalism, seemed like he lost track of where he was playing in the song, looked confused. the chorus came in and it was back on track. i don’t think his gear was working right at the beginning of hurt either but i’m not sure about that one. josh’s echoplex toy wasn’t working that good too, kept trying to turn blocks off at the end and they kept going back on. which leads me to…

and now let the rumors begin…they were taping the show. at least 3 large cameras, plus rob was around with a smaller one. there was what appeared to be a director telling camera men what to shoot. i noticed at least 3 times one of them was filming us directly. once was during the middle of discipline which wasn’t exactly a good time to film the crowd if you want them to be rocking out or whatever. i was very aware of the camera on me so i probably look like a retard. i hope i don’t show up in anything. i didn’t see the cameras filming all the time but i’d say more than half they were there. maybe they were shooting some, like the ghosts part, from the back to get the whole light show. who knows. maybe it was all nothing. maybe we’re getting a dvd afterall – tho it seems weird to me that trent would record it now, with his voice problems, rather than later on, a different leg, after his problem is fixed etc. but hey whatever. we’ll find out. maybe with robin fucking up and equipment not working right he’ll scrap whatever was taped. or maybe he’s taping multiple shows and splicing parts together like And All That Could Have Been…we’ll see if there are cameras in philly friday.

got the setlist after the show. had to beg the guy, he asked why he should give it to me, i said i never got anything before (lie ha) and the security guard vouched for me that i behaved the whole show, so i got it. it also came with the crew schedule – the crew had to travel to philly tonight while the band was staying in nyc haha.

letting you
march of the pigs
head down
the frail
gave up

the warning

ghosts 5
ghosts 17
ghosts 19
ghosts piggy

the greater good

terrible lie
the big come down
ghosts 31
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

god given
the good soldier
in this twilight


so i left the venue, got out quickly and onto the nj turnpike. everyone knows how i love industrial sites, factories, etc…but jesus christ newark has to be the ugliest city i’ve ever seen. who would ever want to live there? and it reeks!! anyway…the drive that took me 2 hours in the morning took me 3 on the way home because i assumed i could just reverse the directions i printed to get me to the meadowlands…well not really. didn’t see an exit that made sense and ended up driving the entire length of new jersey and almost crossed the bridge into delaware. turned around, guessed at an exit that did take me to philly, but then once in philly i had no idea how to really get back to the hotel. finally decided just to find the airport and i should be able to find the hotel and it worked. i was so irritated tho because i was so tired after the show, all that sun, and just wanted to get back.

i desperately need to find a drug store tomorrow for aloe and sunblock. gah so burned. don’t tell my mom 🙂 going to attempt to find the Mutter Museum tomorrow cuz i last minute remembered it was in philly. i figure i’ll drive around and find the historic tourist sites after. i forget that philly was the home of the constitution and has stuff related to see haha. i’m trying to avoid eastern state penn only because i’ve been there twice, and i purposely did not bring the SLR so i wouldn’t be tempted to go back but…it may rain tomorrow which might have made for interesting moody photos. and it’s supposed to rain friday and if so i won’t be sitting out at the venue, i’ll just deal with being far back in the crowd and being dry.

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