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left cleveland around 11, drove a bit before turning around and going back to get bliss’s cell phone from the hotel room, then off again to michigan. that drive is so boring. ohio is boring. i’m a hater haha. my aunt had sent alternate driving directions to avoid massive amounts of construction on I-75 which was very helpful. found the hotel easy then went to the venue. wow it was hot out. close to 100 and sitting in the sun waiting to get in. it was better that it took us so long to get out of cleveland cuz that meant less time outside. amira and rolf showed up and found us, good to see them again. we got let inside the lobby to sit inside the AC and wait to get on the floor, which i think was around 6:30.

opener tonight was A Place To Bury Strangers, which at first sounded like they had potential. but then again they went into really long songs that all sounded the same to me. on top of that they had this massively unnecessary strobe light action going on for the last 15 minutes of their set. it was so bad the majority of us up front were looking down or covering our eyes. it made everyone nauseus and gave me a wicked headache. i almost left the crowd cuz i felt like crap but i stayed and eventually it went away.

tonight’s set, aside from different ghosts songs, was mostly the same….the frail into the wretched, the good soldier, vessel, no reptile. still, robin on the wretched is unbelievable. robin is my new love, even tho he beaned me right above the eye with a water bottle during head like a hole. i thought it might have given me a black eye but i appear fine so far. during the first ghosts song played, josh just sat on the drum riser, i guess he had nothing to do. trent threw a tambourine during head down, and robin got a huge kick out of seeing the front row fight for it had a huge grin on his face as he watched, it was amusing. trent talked about how great it always was to play detroit when he was starting out, and how it’s still always a good crowd. introduced the band, thanked them and the crew. first time i’ve heard that i think. another good show. it seems they’re getting better and better, or i’m just getting used to the slip songs live because i’m not as bored as i was during the beginning of the toronto show. but i think the visuals are more impressive from farther back so i’m glad we had seats at mohegan. you can see them fine from up front but i think you pay too much attention to the people on stage when you are close than to the things going on around and behind them, as when you’re farther back.

setlist from ETS
Letting You
March of the Pigs
Head Down
The Frail / The Wretched!!!!
Gave Up
The Warning
1 Ghosts I
21 Ghosts III
19 Ghosts III
Ghosts Piggy
The Greater Good
Terrible Lie
The Big Comedown
31 Ghosts IV

Trent Speaks
God Given
The Good Soldier
In This Twilight

i really enjoy watching robin play, i love the way he moves, and after 38 shows with the previous line up he is something new for me to look at.

we were ultra disgusting again after the show. the crowd wasn’t unusually bad but an unreal amount of people around us got pulled (there were alot of short people near us). i think adr2 stopped counting at 7 or something, and they all seemed to be behind her and thus using her as a ladder to get out of the pit. security was really good though – OH YEAH while in line, security came by and made everyone sign these ridiculous waivers, so we couldn’t sue them if we get hurt. if you don’t sign one, you don’t get allowed on the floor. it also said you get kicked out for certain behaviors which they actually seemed to stand by. people were giving bliss trouble and they went over and warned them they’d be tossed. saw it happen a few times. they were real good with giving everyone water and taking care of crowd surfers. so A+ on that but the waiver was still pretty silly, and it was a joke among everyone. anyway…leaving the show it was storming out, rain, yes. stood getting “cleansed” in the rain after, we were soaked anyway. happened that amira and rolf parked right behind us. said our goodbyes and headed to my fam’s house.

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