nine inch nails, toledo

sunday brought exploring detroit with david. we were out and about for 9 hours lol. sites included an old ballroom, catholic school, factory we ran into a guard at, another ex auto plant, tiger stadium demo, and a high rise. 300 and some pics later…

monday we headed back to toledo for the show, getting in around 12:30 and finding only 20 people in line at the venue. the show was at a convention center and we got to wait inside all day which was very nice. saw the same people there as the last 2 shows, as expected when they are so close geographically. so we got our tickets and the line moved to the other side of the building where we were initially told we’d be let inside the floor at 4:30, after sound check. then they said no it would be later, and we didn’t end up getting in until 6:30. a wee late but no matter. probably due to the fact….

this was the weirdest venue i’ve been in. a convention center, so big box room, flat, they added 6 sections of bleacher type seats, and the floor was more like a corral in the middle. they had a concession stand and the merch outside the corral. and smaaallll. apparently “Trent” posted on ETS a week or so ago that he was considering canceling the show when he found out the place was too small for all the stage gear, and that the light show would be compromised. given that, we thought maybe we’d get some extra rare songs to fill in for the ones he wasn’t going to be able to play, but turns out no. we figure we were late getting let in because they were still fooling with the stage and working things out.

so a place to bury strangers opened again, and again i missed the last 10 minutes because of the strobes. we were on the rail in front of robin, so there was no one to try to hide behind to avoid the strobes. nin came on and started as usual for this tour, with the slip songs, frail into closer but this time we got me, i’m not and great destroyer instead of the warning and vessel. but typically that goes into the ghosts set, with piggy and the greater good. nope. that portion was completely left out – i guess because of the stage issues – and right into pinion/wish and the rest of the set. no big come down either. we did get one instrumental from ghosts, but i don’t know the number. encore came with echoplex and then meet your master instead of the good soldier. after that trent asked if anyone had listened to year zero, to raise hands he was going to count and told everyone to listen to it cuz its a good album, and that they were only going to play year zero songs the rest of the show. they went into god given, but then in to hurt…which was the closer. no in this twilight. i’ve decided hurt is a terrible closer. depressing and boring.

at the beginning of the show trent said they were glad to be playing the homecoming dance, he seemed irritated the whole show as we knew he would be given the venue limitations. he held it in well, unlike boston 05. he introduced the band saying they were all grumpy from being on the road and that ali was on his period. his voice wasn’t too great again, he commented about sounding like tom waits all the time, apologized for the venue.

the show didn’t sound bad, but missing 6 songs, it felt disappointing. glad we got 2 new year zero songs, but still, such a huge part was missing it felt wrong. they went on at 8:45 and finished at 10:20…short show given that they’re playing about 30 songs this tour…also trent needs to shave. he’s been all 5:00 shadow the last 3 shows but toledo was the worst and it made him look sickly and old. haha

setlist from ETS
Letting You
March of the Pigs
Head Down
The Frail
Gave Up

Me I’m Not
The Great Destroyer
Terrible Lie
Ghosts 8
The Hand That Feeds
Head Like a Hole

Meet Your Master
God Given

got out of the venue super fast, no one was in the lot we parked in and no one in general is in toledo so there was no traffic. got a quick start back home, getting back around 3:30. cassie can’t get a flight anywhere on the east coast it seems for the nj show wed so i’ll be going alone now and hopefully running into the girl i met today who was looking for a ticket. i have no hotel or anything booked so i technically don’t have to leave for nj til wed, but i’ll prob leave whenever i get up tomorrow, get directions and hotel settled, etc. til then SLEEP

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