nine inch nails, cleveland

tonight was the nin show at the Q in cleveland. i won’t go into how i hate cleveland but it still stands. pat and i followed adr2 and bliss to the hotel, checked in and went off to the venue. right after we got there, sarah aka enten tora showed up. got let into the venue at quarter to 6 and went for our usual spot, right of center in front of robin, 1 back from rail. someone adr2 knew, but bliss and i couldn’t remember was in front of us as well as one of the girls who was at the birthday dinner at hard rock in berlin was directly in front of me. she didn’t acknowledge me or show any hint that she knew who i was, so neither did i (i didn’t particularly like her to begin with) hah. she was a good cushion during the show 🙂 the crowd wasn’t too bad, the usual lots of pushing, arms getting stuck places and bruised. i somehow got cut on my leg, not badly but oddly. it was so so hot though, everyone was drenched in sweat and disgusting. the girls in front of us were short so no problem getting air, but that air wasn’t exactly fresh haha. got drenched by a few of robin’s water bottles but it didn’t help. still gross and hot. the last time we were that gross was prob toronto club shows when the air was condensing on the ceiling and dripping back down on us.

the opener was someone called Nicholas Megalis, a local guy because none of the 4 openers this leg could apparently play this show. the first thought we all had was “male fronted dresden dolls”…he played piano, was sorta spazzy, and had a drummer. he wasn’t bad. certainly better and more entertaining than deerhunter.

the show was great as usual. the frail into closer again, plus head down. i’m not sure which ghost song we got after the first one, i didn’t recognize it at all. for some reason they didn’t play the hand that feeds. but, during the encore we got reptile instead of the good soldier. gah!! reptile!! with robin!! killer. still my fav nin song, i was so happy to hear him play it. it didn’t disappoint. trent talked alot during the encore, introducing the band, talking about getting his start in cleveland, his family in attendance so he tried not to say the f-word but fucked it up, thanked them for conceiving him and making him who he turned out to be. ali acknowledged the audience TWICE…when trent introduced him and when leaving after in this twilight. trent’s voice sounded much better, singing and talking, so that is good. i don’t think we’re in danger of a detroit cancellation.

setlist from ETS
Letting You
March of the Pigs
Head Down
The Frail
Gave Up
5 Ghosts I
25 Ghosts III
19 Ghosts III
Ghosts Piggy
The Greater Good
Terrible Lie
The Big Come Down
Ghosts 31
Head Like a Hole

God Given
In This Twilight

so off to auburn hills tomorrow for the show, staying with ed and laurice for 2 nights. amira is coming to the show with us but is busy sunday so we won’t see her then, just exploring with david.

watching clueless on tv before sleep. ha. starving but i think room service is closed.

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