god work sucked ass today. mr scheduler had been doing better once i complained about being on midibacc 8 out of 9 days. i’ve only had it about once a week since then. now it’s been 2 out of 3 days. but i said i’ll be optimistic, and try to be in a better mood about having to deal that piece of shit game. and everything was going fine until Most Hated Player Ever showed up. i thought i was safe at first because he wasn’t on my table. but he came over and kicked his friend out of the seat at my game so he could play. that’s pretty normal for MHPE. that’s when shit hit the fan however. the friend went to give me his 500$ in green chips to change into black chips, and his finger is gushing blood from a bandaid he had on. so i said there was no way in hell i was touching those chips. the guy tries to hide his hand behind his back as if i didn’t see blood dripping down his finger. and it’s getting worse, his whole hand is now covered, and i’m not touching those fucking chips. luckily i had big steve as my floor, and he doesn’t take any shit. so he told them that we absolutely were not going to touch those chips. well the friend leaves to go get bandaged up again, but doesn’t take the chips and MHPE starts trying to play them. and i’m like I AM NOT TOUCHING THOSE CHIPS! and he’s all, oh it’s ok, no blood on them. no it’s fucking not ok you piece of shit. so in the end there was lots of yelling, and me refusing to touch the chips, and him trying to play them again once steve went on break, as if i wasn’t going to notice and touch bloody fucking chips. finally xiao in whatever language got him to take the chips to the cage.

but then after that came all the back betting and usual bullshit that comes along with MHPE and the rest of those fuckers. i fucking hate that game. every one of them should die. i eventually asked to be taken off and moved, so i ended the last 2 hours on pai gow.

and on top of everything i just feel generally unwell. my stomach is just not happy, it doesn’t matter what i eat or do. it’s not the total world is ending pain of when the ulcer is bad. it’s just slight nausea, slight indigestion, stomach making noises etc. general feeling of sick. but it all makes me nervous that suddenly it’ll change to world ending pain, and i can’t function at that point. i have a dr appt on the 13th but i just got a letter that the NP i usually see left the practice. so i have to call and reschedule with one of the 2 remaining doctors. arg.

and the gas company called me today about the note i sent them with the bills i keep getting for the old apartment. i didn’t feel like answering the phone, and i assume they’ll be closed tomorrow. will have to tackle that wed i guess. and call about a dr bill that i don’t know why i got. and figure out if my paycheck actually got deposited into my bank account when this weekend my bank switched to m&t and there were a few days of bank limbo when my check would normally appear in my account.

oh, and in the news today a woman was found dead (but not murdered) at michigan central station. she so totally was not there on the 25th when we stopped by before the show.

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