so my mom and aunt when cleaning out my grandma’s house found a scrapbook under the couch. my mom asked if i ever remembered grandma talking about how she was mad at grandpa for calling up an ex-girlfriend molly and talking to her for like 2 hours on new years some year. i said no. never heard that one.

my mom often would find random words cut out of newspapers and magazines around the house, stuffed in books, and always thought it was weird.

the scrapbook contained paragraph after paragraph, each different, completely formed out of cut out words and letters, by my grandma, about this woman molly, and how she was a slut and a whore and a “good time charlie”. obsess much?

my mom wonders now if my grandpa maybe had an affair. not that it would have surprised any of us.

but my grandma was completely and crazy obsessive about it. i asked if i could have the scrap book and mom said they threw it out. WTF?! that’s EXACTLY the kind of crazy shit that i like!

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