the 28th and final show….for now

NIN Pittsburgh

a tornado, traffic, 2 semi’s harassing us all the way down 79, bad venue directions again, 5 hours later and a half an hour to park, adr and i got to the venue outside of pittsburgh right as bauhaus was about to go on. turns out we actually had GOOD spiral seats….1st row of seats behind the pit, dead center. it felt like we were in the pit, just with no one touching us haha. too bad no cameras….

bauhaus was great again. peter murphy didn’t want to sing the “saxaphone” song again, but daniel ash said, i don’t care i’m gonna do my tongue clicking part anyway. hahah there was mega hot action during “rose garden”.

nin’s set was pretty normal…back to the “usual” for this leg. but…towards the end of the set, after…hurt…trent started talking about how long they’ve been on tour and that it was nice to play so close to where he grew up. then he started to say they were going to play something they hadn’t before… so i thought OMG PERFECT DRUG…well no. he then introduced peter murphy, who came out and they played “final solution.” didn’t know the song, but it was friggen great, they were totally having fun on stage, and interacted well together. something special for our last show.

getting out of the venue was the fastest ever, about 10 min!?! but boots + gravel = sprained ankle. feels fine right now but we’ll see tomorrow haha. the drive home was uneventful and back to the more acceptable 3.5 hrs.

if you drive south on us-62, aka niagara falls blvd, you’ll eventually get to mercer. LOL the highway sign for mercer had the us-62 label and i was like, wait a minute! a direct link! hahahahahahhha no we didn’t go to the high school again.

so it’s over. i’m very much looking forward to not driving the stretch of the 90 between buffalo and erie for a great while. so while a break will be nice as trent finishes the album, i dont have anything to really look forward to at this point. saving money for europe will be nice….

anyway. i don’t know what else to say. good night.

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