26 years…

gah. way too much traveling this week. a recap.

i hate ohio.

tuesday brought the nin show in “cleveland”. got there around 3 i think and met up with adr2 and bliss. it wasn’t a too bad of day, considering the forecast said storms all day long. there was all kind of line drama again, and bull. but whatever. had pit tickets for this one, and it was a decent sized pit.

peaches – i quite enjoy her.

bauhaus – i like them more each show. peter murphy was all snarky and diva, yelling at the light guys for having things set up wrong.

nin – same set as detroit. i was really irritated so i didn’t quite have the best time. i decided that i didn’t feel like participating, so i just watched. noticed alot of things that i don’t normally when one is rocking out. like trent watches everyone in the front during “burn”. the band sounded great again. rob sheridan has been recording at least parts of the shows for an HD dvd, i hope they get the audio from these outdoor venues. it is killer.

after the show i took off out of the pit right away. just wanted to get out. walking out the same way we came in, daniel ash from bauhaus is just sitting on this cement wall on the side of the stage. apparently no one else was paying any attention because everyone just kept walking right on by. if you saw him how could you NOT know it was him. he is the most rock star looking rock star i’ve ever seen. so i went over, shook hands, said they were great and see you tomorrow. he was very nice. and hot. LOL

on the way out, walking with adr and jess and mike, 2 ppl we met in toronto, we ran into this guy being all weird who wanted to talk to us. we thought he was on drugs or something, but he was just really excited because he had recorded the show and wanted us to listen hahaha. he got all our emails to send the show out, we’ll see. sounded cool on the headphones he had.

so driving home, adr and i stopped to get food for the first time that day. after that…i got pulled over. fucking ohio. 80 in a 65, it’ll be 90$ unless i feel like driving back down there for court. which i won’t because i’ll probably get another ticket if i do haha.

too much driving.

wednesday, my 26th birthday, was columbus. i was still irritated from the day before, and from the ticket, i didn’t even want to go anymore. but i did. and yahoo directions are wrong, it doesn’t take 4 hrs and 46 minutes to get to the venue it takes 5.5 hours. we didn’t get there til 4:30. blah. met up with everyone, and i got a nice homemade nin birthday card haha. it was cute. pit tickets again, and this time there were alot of pit people in a very small pit area. we were like, wtf we’re so not all gonna fit in here. i decided to stay in the back of the pit cuz i just didn’t feel like dealing with anyone annoying up front. peter murphy played diva again, and decided he didn’t want to sing the “saxophone” song, whatever it’s really called haha.

nin changed up the set a bit. the frail/the wretched replaced something i can never have, which was nice. bored with that song. no even deeper this time. songs got juggled at the end and i thought they were going to leave out hurt for my birthday but sadly no. however, we did finally get “get down make love” which was fantastic. and i almost got a tambourine again. hahah bounced off my hand, flipped behind me into the seats, bounced off this other girl, and to the ground. some guy ran and grabbed it. band sounded great again. aaron growls during get down make love haha. it’s nice.

one more show, tomorrow, pittsburg. we have seats so not leaving here til around 2. no need to sit in line and be annoyed. i’m very much looking forward to this all being over. the shows have been great, it’s everything else that has sucked. the whole atmosphere is different this time around. the fall and winter tours were so much better, so much more chill. so there were people you might have thought were annoying, but they weren’t pulling stupid shit all the time and starting fights and stuff. it just hasn’t been fun. i think detroit was the best, because we didn’t have to go sit at the venue all day long. trent said in toronto they’d be taking a few months off to finish a new record and then coming back. very much looking forward to a break.

and looking forward to monday when i don’t have fuck all to do. we didn’t get home til 5am from columbus, having to drive 70 all the damn way home. i had to take my car to get tires and inspected at 10, went back to bed. i told them i needed it done by 2:30 so i could meet someone at the terminal at 3. that didn’t happen. it had one tire on at 2:30. didn’t get done til 10 after 3, and he said, i hope you know you need it inspected. and i said YEAH thats why i’m here! so then that took even longer, and i didn’t get to the terminal til 4. thankfully mark was able to meet the girl there for me, and they were gone by the time i got there. i need to get my dry cleaning, and my mom wants me for dinner still i think, and i have to go to work tonight. i’ll have to sign to get out early again cuz i just need some time by myself to do fucking nothing. gah!

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