nin show #25

well i wasn’t going to post anything until tomorrow but since i had to take care of some important emails why not…

got adr and headed to detroit, not without first hitting a bird with my car. it flew into the windshield. wtf. and this is the 2nd time this has happened to me. anyway….got through canada in 3 hours, but the bridge into michigan was backed up so we lost about a half hour. found the venue no problem, easy directions this time. only the parking lot didn’t open until 4. and it was about 2.30 and we were supposed to meet adr2 and bliss there to go off to michigan central station. through txts we went and met at the hotel room they got.

headed to MCS. holy mother of god. i don’t know if it’s just the awe of seeing it for the first time in person. but i think it’s more beautiful than BCT. my awe for BCT has run out though so…hard to say. hahah. but dear god. amazing beautiful place. we only really had an hour before we had to head back to the hotel to change and get to the show. (all seats so there was no lining up). really only went through the main concourse, after having to call dan to figure out how to get inside. lots of fences, lots of razor wire. but wow. that’s all i can really say at this point. so so gorgeous. i must go back and soon. it’ll haunt me til i do. i didn’t bother with the tripod so i doubt any of my pictures really turned out. there was nice afternoon lighting though. strangely and probably wrongly, it almost makes me happy that it is in such terrible shape. it’s in much much worse shape than BCT, i mean…BCT has roofs hahah…it’s totally trashed, yet some people in city and federal government thought it restorable to be used as the central police station and/or an office of homeland security. those plans went away, but….it was still considered. gives me hope for us. some day our prince will come 🙂 maybe the brit-arab guy who just bought the statler. hahah

headed back to the hotel and to the venue. turns out amira decided to work the show and was going to be working back stage. that is until she got fingered as being a fan and got kicked out hahahaha. so she spent the show in the aisles doing crowd control. we got to talk to her a bit between peaches and bauhaus so that was nice. she wanted to get together after but we really needed to drive home.

bauhaus great again. some really really hot action on stage hahah. anyway.

i would go see nin 10000 more times if i was guaranteed to hear “somewhat damaged” open the show. my lord, best. opener. ever. i think by any band i’ve ever seen, it could possibly be the best live song ever. since the whole place was seats, we ended up 2 rows away from adr2 and bliss, and asked the people next to them to switch. so it was the 4 of us rocking the fuck out like crazy, with everyone probably staring at us. but that song. god. wejrasdfk as so so so fantastic. it was really fun to have room and totally just go crazy.

but then the 4 most annoying people on earth arrived in front of us. first 1 couple, who insisted on talking, well more like yelling at eachother. adr2 actually told them to knock it off and later the girl apologized. but that went out the window as soon as their other couple friends showed up. non stop talking, smoking pot, some kind of groping, just absolutely ridiculous. i cant say i was as pissed off at them as the 2 guys that were in front of me and leighanne at bowie’s shea’s show, mostly because of our row being so much higher than at sheas… they weren’t totally in my line of sight. so though i still was going to punch them, and they actually caused adr2 and bliss to move to the seats behind adr and i, i managed to control my anger. but they were horrible.

setlist….no “sin”…no “reptile” or “dead souls”…added “even deeper” after “non entity”. aannnnd i think those were the only changes. great show of course. i don’t really know why, but i’ve been blown away about how good they sound. i don’t know if it’s the acoustics of being at that type of venue made for musical performances compared to sports arenas or what…but they just sound so great musically. oh and i don’t care what adr2 says, josh freese is an amazing drummer. he went off during “wish” and it was just like, wow.

and i love my boots. soooo much.

day off from the tour, work though boooo…probably won’t be leaving until 11 for cleveland tuesday, need to try to get some kind of sleep. pit tickets though so i want to have a good spot….

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