nin show #24

toronto show today. kate and i headed up a bit later than anticipated, but it didn’t really matter because we had seats. we had planned to spend the day at edge 102 because of the rumor that trent was to be there at 6. justin had said he was gonna call around and see what was up, so he called me right as we were getting into toronto. if anything was to happen with trent and the radio it would be at the amph because yonge was shut down because of the gay pride parade. so instead we went right to the venue, found adrienne and bliss and hung out. it was warm but there was a breeze so it was ok. even with the sunscreen i managed to get burned. blah. i guess i didn’t put it on as good this time.

peaches was entertaining again. i could understand alot more of what she was saying this time. bauhaus was good again as well. i was going to leave during it to pee, but i was so glad i didn’t, they closed with “ziggy stardust” which was wonderful. i miss bowie. kate liked bauhaus, said she’d go see them at their own show.

so nin. great as always. i decided that “somewhat damaged” is the best opening song i’ve seen them do. it is so powerful and just smacks you in the face. set list was similar to the last one, but we got “sin” instead of something…i dunno i can’t think haha. we got “dead souls” instead of “reptile”. other than that, i think the rest was the same. at least one other person near us knew “non entity” because i could hear them singing it. trent thanked another great canadian audience, said they’d be going away for a few months to finish the new record and then they’d be back. only 2 years after with teeth?!?! a miracle!

at the end of the show kate was converted. she thought that she would like it but didn’t realize just how much she’d like it. she said trent was the sexiest thing shes seen in a long time hahaha.

took an hour to get onto the gardener, so that sucked. need to try to sleep for the trip tomorrow, and i have a massive headache. the new plan, because its all seats tomorrow and with line dramas unfolding we don’t want to sit out all day. so adrienne1 is gonna meet up with her friend in detroit for lunch, and adr2 bliss and i are gonna head to michigan central station for a few hours. hopefully we’ll get to see amira, she’s working the show but is going to try to come out and see everyone in line. i just hope we’re there when she comes out.

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