watched blue velvet. made too much sense. i don’t get WHY any of it happened, but i followed what was going on. tho from what james is telling me on IM right now, i didn’t get any of it….

it didn’t make my head hurt anymore than it already did so that’s good i suppose. wicked headache all day. i blame adelphia for calling me at 9:30. even tho i took drugs before going back to sleep. i blame them. took more drugs when james’s brother woke me up too, still didn’t go away. took more drugs when i got home from ikea. still didn’t go away. still not gone away completely. it’s a good thing we didn’t watch a movie that involved lots of blinking/flashing images or i probably would have started seizing.

and it’s totally wiped me out. i feel so exhausted. blah. there is fog in the quarry…i have half a mind to go infiltrate but not by myself. with my luck i’ll trip some alarm, dogs will be let loose, and i’ll be devoured by starving pit bulls…or i’ll fall in the quarry and die. either way, i’m not in the mood to die today.


new layout. orgy related again. cuz if you didn’t realize, the purple one was orgy related too. from their song “pure” off the new album. this one goes back to candyass, “stitches”. i like this one much better than the last, tho i love the lyric i used in the last layout. at the show i knew i had to do a stitches layout. and it’s semi nin inspired as well…copying their “censoring” of trent’s responses to questions, and the same/similar font. i’ve always loved the line i used in this image, but it’s censored because i don’t want it to appear as if the real line is how i feel. cuz you know…some people assume lyrics people use describe their current state *guilty of said assumptions hehe* *guilty of using lyrics to explain myself from time to time* *just not this time*

but i like it.
and i apologize for any trauma that occured as a result of posting the photos from monday. i didn’t realize that the subject matter was so controversial.


this is the 701st entry since changing to MT. and i have twice as many comments.

wearing tank tops make me feel white trashy for some reason. even tho this top i have on today is cool and rocking, i still feel trashy. i bought this new pushup bra from target the other day and holy cow it’s wonderful. makes me look like i actually have cleavage. must go back and buy 923497 more.

i also bought the coolest shirt at this canadian store called urban behavior yesterday. the only downside is that it’s flourescent green. the white one was too small and i didn’t like what the flo-pink one said. but it’s got the coolest…”sleeves”. i want 283498 more shirts like it. going to see if i have some old crappy shirts i can experiment with to get the same effect.

going to go through my clothes and cds and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit my “style” and don’t listen to anymore. i’ll leave the cds around for a while before going to sell them somewhere incase any of you guys want to take any of them. the clothes are all going to goodwill on military. also going to try to pack up all my silly kiddish souvenirs and memory things into tupperwear storage containers. cuz i don’t have much room to display anything anymore, and i want things to look as if i’m actually a grown up.

i’m in a bad mood.


hmm how can i say this so that the entire world won’t know what i’m referring to…

there is something that happened almost exactly a year ago. someplace i introduced someone to during a small road trip to ohio and back. something that put into motion the last year of my life.

if you can figure out what that is in reference to, this next line will (hopefully) make sense to you.

i now hold the key(s).

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