work was horribly boring last night. as someone pointed out, we are a winter casino. we do our best business, and get the best tip rate when it’s cold. now that it’s warm, business has definitely dropped. i was a 6-2am in non smoking. i’m not sure i did anything except change cards last night. got out at 1 so at least i got to bed a bit earlier since i had to get up at 7 today.

today was the clean up at central terminal. unfortunately we had bad weather, drizzle, and a drop in temperature. but we had a good turn out and work got done. we sold our shirts and a few memberships. i actually ended up taking a few people through some of the tower floors, and then taking the canadian film crew around a bit. i swear i still see something new each time i’m there. haven’t been there since leighanne and i did the tower at the beginning of december. definitely some more falling apart damage, but it’s not too bad. the first tour of the season is next saturday. should be interesting to see where things go from here.

now i don’t know if i should grab the pics off the digicam or take a nap…hmmm

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