got sick around 4am. i was starving, since all i ate was the steak sandwich with brendan. but i felt sick, had to puke, nothing to puke up… always love dry heaves. i ate one of adr’s yogurts so my stomach wouldn’t eat itself, went back to bed. got sick again. great. slept til 10.

straightened stuff out with NCCC. they’re voiding the check i sent, and sending it back to me. so i have my 418$ back. 2 weeks til class starts. or a week and a half…i hope they have good facilities, good dark room and stuff. i was telling adr, if they have a crappy dark room, and have to develop film in bags instead of a pitch black room, i’m paying the 2$ to color tech to develop my film for me. i hate developing film. it’s the worst part of the whole process. time consuming and messy, and if done in bags, annoying as hell.

i haven’t gotten my APC ticket in the mail yet. bah.

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