so anyway. i am now the proud recipient of another magazine i never subscribed to – This Old House magazine. super. and i got the new issue of Time, and I forget who mentioned it, i think it was brian, that he couldn’t wait to see the next issue. i stupidly thought, why? is there something cool gonna be in it?…he goes, no, the blackout. and what’s on the cover? BLACKOUT hahah. he’s psychic!!

i need to do laundry. before lunch i gotta call stupid NCCC because they sent me the tuition bill for the class last week. it said return with payment. so yesterday i mailed them a check for 418$. today i get a proof of payment statement, saying they charged it to my credit card. so they now have $836 of my money. and i’m getting it back damnit!

my hands are so dirty from work, ug, need to scrub them.

so…been meaning to kind of mention it. it’s been a year since i started dating nate. it sort of blows my mind to think how fast it went. i’m not sure i recognize who i was a year ago. i’m not sure if that’s good or bad. 3 more months and he’ll have been gone for a year already. time really seems to be flying. even the first few months he was gone, looking back, they flew too. i don’t remember time feeling like it went that fast before.

another part of this…is a weird coincidence. all my relationships, whatever you want to call them, all started in summer. met psycho in summer, were dating by winter. met tim in the summer, had whatever we had in august. met ian in summer, started dating this time 1999. met nate in summer, started dating a year ago this week

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