Lacuna Coil in Toronto

so glad i sucked it up and went up to toronto to see lacuna coil despite my illness. i started to feel sick again after i had my waffles for breakfast, so i went back to sleep for awhile. got up around 3:30 and i was still iffy on going. i ate some mashed potatos and figured we’d give it a go. if we got up there and i felt like shit, we’d come back home.

so we headed up there around quarter after 4. got in around 6ish. had a bit of trouble finding the place, mainly cuz i was expecting something bigger, and cuz it’s not labled well, and cuz the addresses on queens street are way fucked up. they get big then small then back to big again. ended up going both ways down the street from spadina til we just parked and backtracked on foot. found the place, first band wasn’t til 9:30…so we had time to kill. got food at the gorilla monsoon next door, then walked down queen towards yonge. stopped in urban outfitters again to see if maybe what i wanted to get for carolyn for her bday was on sale. it wasn’t. and it was just way too expensive for me to justify buying it. it’s something that would get looked at once probably, and it wasn’t worth that. oh well. went into the eaton centre cuz adr wanted to buy a belt, but everything was way too friggen expensive. headed back down queen to the horseshoe. killed 2 hours, waited to get into the back show room. toronto was gross, hot and smelled like garbage. and i usually like the smell of cities in the summer, diesel and what not. but it was gross.

the first band was In Vein. oh, before them, they were playing music like normal. the song that was on, i was like…i know this song. why do i know this song. at first i thought it was velour, but then i realized it was the other crappy band who always opened for the tea party. the full nine i think they were called. it was definitely them. then they played their coffee song that was their single, so that was the clincher. it sucked album version too. anyway…In Vein. metal, somewhat bad vocals. that’s my main problem with real metal bands…the vocals always suck. the music is always cool.

second band was surface underground. metal band, chick singer, pretty decent. i was happy it wasn’t another guy screaming haha. after them we went up front for lacuna coil. they rocked, again. they played about an hour and a half, which was surprising. the buffalo show, since it wasn’t their show, was mainly stuff off comalies, but they went back to the halflife EP, unleashed memories and in a reverie for songs. they did “falling again” (which is the more rocked out version of “falling” which was on the self titled EP) surprisingly. gah, it was so great. so happy they played it.

other than the retard in front of me dancing like she was at a rave, and whoever smelled like cheese, it was a good time. there was this absolute GIANT standing next to me, sorta in front of adr…he was HUGE. but during the encore when the crowd was going a bit nutso, and this one guy kept crowd surfing, he pushed them all away. so that was cool. gotta find out if the person who bootlegged their toronto show from may recorded tonights show. i guess i have to sign up to the mailing list again to find out haha. there were a few video cameras there, but i just want audio.

never found heather, dunno if she ended up going or not. i took her cell phone with me to give back if i saw her. i still haven’t gotten the envelope thing from fido yet to send it back. haven’t gotten my business cards either. they better come soon or i’ll be pissed.

getting home was another case of my never really being lost, always sorta knowing where i am thing. i sorta knew where i was, and where i wanted to go, and i did eventually find the gardner again. so no problem.


omg. i got email from amanda wild. amanda was one of the people i was in london with. last time i saw her was in NYC in 1999. you don’t understand how great this is. she was looking for me and found, sent me email to the webdesign inquiry account which i forgot i even had (good thing for business haha). omg. so excited. she is one of the coolest people ever. last i knew she was going to art school in dc, but there was no way of contacting her. so it’s been 4 years since i’ve heard from her. she emailed me in july, i hope she writes back. her email was so cute, typical amanda. said she was looking for the sara she was with in london in 1997 and nyc in 1999 haha. to write back if i was her. gah. it makes me smile. i’ve missed her.

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