hockey yaaaaay!! sabres won 6-3. i forgot we had gotten 2nd row tickets, nate was impressed lol. never found a 4th person so we had extra food hehe. the game was good, there were 2 fights – same guy on our team…mcmarrow or something. and he beat the shit out of both of them, it was great. the 2nd guy had to be helped off the ice heheh. so yeah, pretty good.

the movie thing was interesting too. they filmed the crowd during the national anthems, made everyone put their hand over their heart. then during intermission they had the crowd (or mainly just one section that they filled up with ppl and gave signs to) do stuff…at one point they had everyone doing the wave (even tho ppl don’t do the wave at hockey, whatever) and we didn’t stop. the announcer guy telling us what to do kept saying ok, good, you can stop – and it kept going. haha it was funny. they filmed stuff with sabretooth running in the aisles and stuff, so i’m figuring jim carrey is going to be playing on the sabres in the movie lol.

but the highlight of the night came when adrienne spotted a guy wearing an old school blue and gold jersey, blue and gold zoobas, with a mullet. so the 3 of us keep making fun of this guy, and then the people in front of us start pointing at him… CUZ THEY KNEW HIM! ROFL they got up to go talk to him and i’m like OMG WE WERE JUST MAKING FUN OF THEIR FRIEND!!!!! LOL it was fantastic. the little girl looked just like jake bonus – no lie. they could be twins, just different genders lol.

after the game we went to mr goodbar to meet up with nate’s friend…jay gordon. no lie, that’s his name LOL. didn’t find this out til halfway through the night, and i’m like DUDE WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME YOU KNEW JAY GORDON! lol…cuz i mean really, i’ve talked about orgy before with nate, and how i met jay gordon, and he doesn’t mention that’s his friends name?!?! well nate apparently forgot his last name, so that explains it LOL. but it was funny. so hung out at goodbar for a while, and came home. early night.

oh and i AM working tomorrow now. michelle called right as i was leaving for me to work swing tomorrow. yay…even tho i’ll prolly still only get 4 more hours, there’s the potential that i could be there for 10. lol


picked up an extra 9 hours of work today. so now my pay check won’t be quite as pitiful on friday. good for me.

i have a story. a 2nd hand story.
place: hard rock cafe
time: friday morning
friday morning someone noticed a big white limo outside of the restaurant, and a black man sitting on the steps waiting for us to open. someone realized…that’s ll cool j. ll cool j, sitting on the steps, waiting for us to open LOL. needless to say, we opened right away for him, his body guard and manager. apparently, ll was way cool, took pictures with everyone, signed tons of autographs and stuff. all 3 got side salads with a chicken breast on the side. and of course, i wasn’t there. not like i’m an ll fan, but come on… i watched in the house, i owned the “hey lover” single… i used to think he was hot…and apparently he is really good looking in person.

i better be there if jim carrey comes in.

nothing much else to say. close tomorrow, off til thursday day shift, close saturday. i want to thank the mgr that makes our schedules for giving me and nate complete opposite ones…he’s off when i work, i’m off when he works. thanks. i appreciate it. and i appreciate that he has all night shifts, so it’s not like he’d work in the day and we could go out at night…she thinks she is doing us a favor by giving us both friday and sunday off, but the way i’ve been lately if i don’t see him until friday, i’m going to go crazy. i realize how bad, and unlike me that is, but it’s the truth. gonna have to work something out for midweek.

which reminds me. i got into a conversation today with the girl in retail about telling people that you love them. she asked me what my longest relationship was and if he told me he loved me…so i told her, and whatever. she asked me if nate has said it, and i was like no it’s only been like a month. to which she replied, so then it’s coming soon….ok i guess i’m clueless as far as this is concerned, but 1 month is enough time to love someone?! it’s expected that people tell eachother they love the other one after a month? i thought it was more like, you say it when you actually DO love them lol. not, oh we’ve been together a month, i love you. i know i’m dysfunctional in this department, but still…didn’t know there were rules. she was stressing cuz she’s been with her boyfriend for a year, and he’s never said it. a year – that might be pushing it. i’d think if you were together for a year, you must like the other person an awful lot lol.

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