last night was uneventful. dyed my hair, it’s very red now. adr came over and we chilled here all night. didn’t feel like going to band night at work, cuz i would have had to do my hair and get dressed lol. me=lazy.

sabres game today. prolly leaving here around 4, to pick everyone up and get downtown early. cuz of the movie thing. 🙂 still don’t know the deal on the 4th ticket…

i just got called into work. haha. why couldn’t they have called me in for tomorrow? i’d go tomorrow, can’t go tonight. grr…

anyway, did the site updates finally. added about 15 pictures from the past 9 months, that i’ve been too lazy to add before. i pick and chose from more pics…figured i didn’t need 8 of the basically same picture of me and heather from january lol. i’m still waiting for leah’s black and white whore pics from the end of the year, and her pics of me and nate from last weekend.


i have these neighbors…2 girls 2 boys. they were my childhood playmates, but we all grew up and drifted. it’s only normal. the oldest girl had a sorta different circle of friends than i did (besides being in different grades)…she was miss popularity (but not a bitchy cheerleader thank god), and i was normal. as the oldest she led the way for her sister to be in that kind of social circle as well. now the oldest boy (about 14 ish now) has gone on to football, and popularity i’m sure. he was a cute kid, not so much anymore (fat neck lol)…the youngest one, i have no idea how old he is, i’m gonna guess 11 or 12…i don’t know his social status, but i almost want him to turn out to be sorta skater/punk-rock/goth…i think it would be so funny, and throw a big wrench into their way of thinking. i dunno why i wish this, it just occured to me the other day that i’d like to see it happen. for him to be like, the black sheep of the family. i’m weird, i know. he’s such a cute little boy, it’d just be fantastic lol. ignore me lol.

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