a case of the mondays…what is this the 3rd week i’ve gotten myself into a funk on a monday? this time it’s about jobs, or lack of. 169 matches came up for my search, none that i was qualified for, or wanted to lower myself to do (like be a secretary…) i applied at INS for immigration inspector. right, like i’ll get that. once they look at me and see there’s no way i could restrain some illegal alien running across the border, they’ll dismiss me. but whatever. they get to carry guns. lol. the buffalo job fair thing is tomorrow, parents making me go. just looking at the list of employers in the newspaper, who are going to be there, i can tell it’ll be less than fruitful.

anyway i’m being haunted by “paradise by the dashboard light” again. it won’t get out of my head. they’ve been playing it alot at work lately, it was in my head all night as i was trying to fall asleep, and then just now when i got out of the shower it popped back in. make it stop. yeah it’s a funny song, but come on. anytime it wants to leave my head, that’d be great.


such a fucking bad mood. i just want to curl up in my bed and cry and sleep. for no reason. been on the verge of tears for the past hour, for no reason – i was playing free cell and solitare as my resume printed. at least work will be a somewhat pleasant distraction from whatever is making me feel this way. since this time, i have no clue what it is. last week i knew, week before, same thing… this time, dunno. arg.

there’s an article on sabres.com about the new nets and glass around the ice to prevent injury etc. says something about how with the new partitioned glass gives more, so players won’t get hurt and how it’s noiser, making the game more exciting for ppl sitting along the boards. i must say i noticed this. we were 2nd row, end ice on the bench side. we had quite a few people checked into the glass right in front of us, and wow does the glass move lol. and it was exciting lol. so the article is correct.

that reminds me. i did get the sabres tix today. for me and adr for the leafs game in november, and for adr and her brother the islanders game in october. this might be the only game i can afford to go to. fucking 8$ service fee per ticket…


work was a typical monday it seemed. really slow at first, got hit around 7:30, cleared up again the rest of the night. spent lots of time talking to retail girl and helping her box glasses and wrap candy filled shot glasses in green netting. as for improving my mood, i was ok. almost started to cry during, of all songs, marc antony’s “you sang to me” for no reason…it was bad. but overall i was ok. not as ok now that i’m back home but whatever. i’m going to hope this is all due to hormones (hoping for more than one reason lol)…

it reeks like onions in my entire house, which means i’m going to smell like onions even after i shower tomorrow morning. despite the fact that i hate mexican food, i can’t stand don pablos cuz you leave smelling like onions – and it just won’t go away. last time i was there (sophomore year) i had to febreeze my clothes 5 times even after washing them, to get the smell out.

i have nothing else to say. i think i’m going to go to bed and cry for a while so that i feel better. yeah. sounds like a plan.


a better post. i love this weather. it’s so delightfully cool outside. i just wish i had new clothes…well i could if i only liked anything for sale :-/

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