Apparently I was in charge of getting together a reunion for a bunch of my friends, that I used to talk to in #Mjfans on the undernet. It was a real reunion, not an internet one, and I had planned for it to be at TGI Fridays restaurant. So I went, and met up with my friends, and we were seated. But then, surrounding the building outside, were tons of men all in black, with big guns. They were sharp shooters, they had the red lazer sights on their guns. They were there trying to kill some guy who was on top of a building across the street or something. The bad guy shot one of the sharp shooters. Then inside the restaurant there was a rotunda kind of thing, and inside the rotunda were tons of sharp shooters. So we’re all in the restaurant, a lot of people were there, and no one could leave. We were huddled on this small staircase, because we didn’t want to get shot by the bad guy. We were right under the rotunda, and every now and then the sharp shooters would aim their guns at someone else, and all the light scopes from the guns created a weird cool light show. So then, I left the restaurant somehow, with my dad. And my mom was on this piece of cardboard, like a drawing. And then she died. The drawing wasn’t breathing or anything, and so we rushed to the emergency room, so they could fix her. We gave the doctor the cardboard, and Danielle came walking out, perfectly alive. Apparently Danielle was supposed to be my mom or something. So I got really pissed that why didn’t she call and tell us she was alive, and stuff.

Another part of this dream, or some other dream, I was with a bunch of these friends, and two strange boys came to talk to us. They were really nice, the one boy shook my hand and it was really soft. Then we were someplace, again huddled down, but not from sharp shooters, and I sat behind the soft hand boy. He put his arm around me, and then I assume, we were dating. But we never said anything to each other because he was really shy. But he was really nice to me, without even needing to say anything. It’s hard to explain.

possible explanation – Not too sure. My friends from #Mjfans are trying to get together an IRC reunion, so that could explain part of the dream. The sharp shooters and Friday’s came out of no where.

possible interpretation – Help me out on this one haha…

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