I was in London, England, on a bus. It was a kind of tourist bus trip around the town kind of thing. We passed another bus, and on it was Simon LeBon from Duran Duran. He was getting off the bus, so I got off mine and followed him. I was trying to catch up with him, but there were a lot of people in the way. He stopped at a theatre, but it wasn’t a movie theatre. It was a kind of TV studio, because they were showing Hollywood Squares (the game show). He asked the woman if there were any tickets left, and she said no. So I asked him how much they were, and Simon said 1 dollar. I said oh, and suddenly Simon asked the woman to buy all 500 of the tickets for the next show. He looked at me and said, “Just think of this as a precursor of more extravagant things to come.” I said ok, and it was just assumed that I was now on a date with Simon. So since we had time before the show, we went into this store. The store was some kind of sensual, seduction store. The only thing in it was lit candles all over. It was then understood that we were going to end up having sex later that night. Since we still had time before the show, we went to an apartment, which I assumed to be mine. We were there for a while, and he told me about how stupid Robbie Williams is. Robbie was dating a teacher, who was constantly teaching her kids not to have sex before marriage, but then Robbie got her pregnant. Then Simon had to go home, and he lived in Oklahoma City. Then Danielle came over to my apartment in London, and we were fixing my bed because something was wrong with it. The mattress was all flattened, more on one side than the other, and the sheets didn’t fit. We turned the mattress over, and started taping the sheets onto the bottom of the mattress so it would stay. Then Simon called me from Oklahoma City, and we talked on the phone for a while. He made some comment about living in Oklahoma City, where things blow up every 10 minutes. I thought it was odd that he was British and lived in Oklahoma City, and I was American and lived in London. Then he said that there was something he wasn’t going to tell me until Monday, but figured that he’d tell me now. So he told me to open the envelope he had left in my apartment. So I did, and there was a piece of paper that was like a TV screen. Simon was on it with a man dressed in a rabbit costume, and Simon started singing about how much he liked me and wanted to be with me.

That was the end of that dream, but it moved on to me being at my house, and there being a squirrel inside. It brought me keys to the door, like a dog, to be let outside. So I took the keys, and then it ran at me, and I jumped over it before it could bite my foot. Then I opened the door and got it out of the house.

possible explanation: Absolutely no idea. I haven’t listened to Duran Duran in a long time, I haven’t seen them on TV, haven’t thought about them…I have no idea why I was dreaming about Hollywood Squares, as I haven’t watched that show in ages. London is explained because I had been thinking about asking a friend who lives there about his apartment. There has been no news about Oklahoma City, so that was out of nowhere as well. The squirrel dream, another part of my reoccurring squirrels biting my feet dreams.

possible interpretation: Again, absolutely no idea. I don’t even know where to begin. Help appreciated *email*

I had gone to Antarctica to view a raising of an island that had been buried underwater for years. After it had been raised, we were walking on the ice, and I found some computers that had been buried in the ice from when a school had been there. So I dug one out of the ice, and I turned it on and it still worked! So I was looking around on the computer, and it had all this information about Limp Bizkit and their new album “chocolate starfish….”. I was amazed that they had known this info years before Limp Bizkit even was created. Then Fred Durst was there, and I was telling him how much his new album sucks. Then I was in my room, and an old friend from high school showed up, and was telling me stories. Then he began quoting Orgy lyrics, and I was like, “hey. good one.” Then I was at my house, in my family room and my cat was scratching at the door to be let in. So I opened the door and let her in. Then there was more scratching at the door, and I didn’t know why because I had just let her inside. So I see her outside again, and open the door. But it wasn’t her, it was a squirrel. The squirrel came inside and bit my foot, and I couldn’t get it off of me.

possible explanation: There’s been a lot of coverage of Limp Bizkit’s new album. What computers on Antarctica has to do with it, I’m not sure. The squirrel thing…I’ve been having reoccurring dreams about squirrels biting my feet.

possible interpretation: I’ve looked at a few bullshit explanations about squirrels and feet, but nothing seemed right. Limp Bizkit’s new album does suck, so I’ve heard, but I don’t know first hand. I just hate Fred Durst.

I was walking on campus one day, and these squirrels were running around. One came up to me and bit my foot, and I couldn’t get it off. I kept kicking at it with my other foot, but it wouldn’t let go. I was doing all I could to get the squirrel to let go of my foot. So I went to the health center, and told them a squirrel bit me again and I couldn’t get it off. I had said “again”, so apparently it wasn’t the first time I had been bitten by a squirrel.

possible explanation: No idea. This was the first of my newly reoccurring “squirrel biting my feet” dreams. I didn’t remember the dream until later that day when a squirrel ran in front of me when coming back from class.

possible interpretation: Like mentioned above, I’ve looked at a few online dream dictionaries for squirrels and feet, and found mostly stupid stuff.

I was Carly from General Hospital, and Sonny from GH, was supposed to be taking me out to dinner for our wedding, and to celebrate being married. But he said we had to do something else first. So we were at this dinner party, maybe a banquet, and we were walking around carrying trays with tons of wine glasses on them. I was getting very pissed at him for making me do this when we were supposed to be out celebrating. Then, Sonny was outside, and he got hit by a car. I went to the hospital with Bobby, from GH, to see if he was ok. We found him, and he was just a head. He had no body, but he was alive. Then I was wondering how GH was going to deal with this, Sonny just being a head. I figured they’d introduce some new character that was his twin, who lost a head, and would attach the body to Sonny’s head.

possible explanation: I like Carly and Sonny on GH…Nothing like that has happened like that on the show, so I really don’t know where it came from.

possible interpretation: Not sure. Maybe nothing.

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