I was at Tops grocery store, with Liz, Lucky and Nikolas from General Hospital. We were in an isle, in front of this kind of conveyor belt. We were helping the store clean up and get organized for some kind of corporate review. The store was disgusting and I kept saying that I didn’t know why we were helping, because there’d never be enough help to save that place. So I was quickly putting these blocks of stuff onto this conveyor belt and they’d go down to Lucky and Nikolas, but I was going to fast because I had manic-depressive illness. I was manic at that point and going too fast for everyone. Then I got real depressed and could barely move, I couldn’t lift the blocks because I was so depressed, and my medication was giving me side effects so I felt sick. Then I was sitting in the food court part of the grocery store, I was fine, not sick or manic-depressive, and Stone Temple Pilots were giving a concert there. So then Danielle was there sitting at the table with me watching the concert. Near the end, Scott Weiland took his shirt off, and then went for his pants. Danielle and I both screamed “Take it off!” and he stopped and said, “Does anyone want to help me with this?!” And without hesitation I got up and walked over to him. He had pajama pants on, and they were safety pined on tight so they wouldn’t fall off. So I undid the safety pin, put the pin on the table and pulled his pants off. So I stood next to him and put my arm around his shoulder as everyone got a good look at Scott naked. Then my parents were in the crowd, and started taking pictures of me and naked Scott on stage so I could prove that I was the one who took his pants off. It was weird, because I could feel my arm around him, and he was sweaty and stuff, it felt very real. Then I woke up to Bone Thugs n Harmony’s “Crossroads” in my head….

possible explanation –┬áThe manic-depressive part can be accounted for because I had just finished reading a book about it. Tops market, General Hospital, and STP can’t be explained really. Scott taking his pants off might be explained by the fact that he did take his pants off when I saw STP in concert a few weeks ago. Why I dreamed about STP I’m not sure…

possible interpretation – not sure it means much of anything, mainly because the manic-depressive part had been spurred by the book. The other parts seem relatively meaningless.

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