1. i’m really tired of our toilet breaking all the time. this is like the 3rd time at least. we’ve been here less than a month. most of the time it just keeps running, because the chain comes unhooked. but this time it wouldn’t flush at all. so i had to rehook the stupid chain. i don’t appreciate having to stick my hand in the toilet…arg.
2. why is it that everytime i come home from my tues/thurs class and want to take a nap, they’re pounding and doing more construction on my house?
3. GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! DECEMBER 4TH DECEMBER 4TH NINE INCH NAILS FRAGILITY TOUR CD AND DVD! FINALLY!!!!!! how long have we been waiting for this?!?!?!? I NEED A DVD PLAYER! (and a vcr since mine is dead)….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


omgomg so excited about the NIN dvd…just watched the trailer! ahhh i can’t wait. it’s been too long since we got new nin stuff. and so what if i dont have a dvd player, i have the fight club dvd, still haven’t watched it LOL. i’ll go to joe’s house, he’s got play station 2. i’ll force him to lemme watch it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh excited.


i’ve decided that i don’t really like band whores…i don’t mean like people who are really sleeping with the band…i could give a shit about what you do with band members…and i know you could say i’m a bit band whore myself, but i’m totally not. band whore, to me, is a person who’s live revolves around bands and shit, with the mistaken notion that they give a rats ass about you. i’m not deluded enough to believe that the econoline guys (for example) care about me in the slightest, no matter how many times i hang out with them…call me a realist :P.

i’m also not talking about anyone in particular here…just in general. i don’t even know what brought this on (ok i lie, i do know what brought this on, but i don’t feel like sharing to the world). there was this girl i met, i forget her name…she’s krista’s friend (krista is eric’s friend)…she was like 14, and every band we talked about she’s like, oh, i know them.. blah blah..no wait, she didn’t say she knew them, she said “i’m FRIENDS with them”…sorry hun but i hardly think any adult band member gives a shit about some little 14 year old that they might have met a few times….she’s not the reason i thought of this, but she’s a prime example. yeah. ima stop now.


i also think that i’m over my 1.5-2 year “must see every concert” phase…i mean, i love concerts still, and i still “need” to go to them… but it’s not like it used to be. example…family values tour is coming to buffalo. stone temple pilots are headlining. am i going? no. did i even think about going? no. i just don’t care about it. i don’t want to be on the floor, smooshed with a bunch of 15 year olds, and getting kicked in the head. i also don’t want seats in the back of the friggen arena. i’m so over sacrificing myself for concerts.

of course there are exceptions. i want to see U2 and Tool. still no word on a buffalo Tool date. both of those shows i will pay for, and i will sacrifice myself for U2 (not tool). and of course, there are the givens of NIN, Orgy, APC….and there are a few bands i want to see that I haven’t yet… but other than that, yeah, i’m over it.


from a very outdated u2 FAQ….some funny things

7.5.2 However, oddly enough . . . .


This section is devoted to weird rumors from the usenet and other sources that turn out to have a grain of truth to them.

Q: Is it true that Bono likes to have his chest shaved ?
Well, Bono has had his chest shaved once that I know of:

Bono has an irregular heartbeat. He had to have an exam for his insurance company. He had too much chest hair for the doctor to be able to hear his heartbeat so they shaved part of it off. I looked up irregular heartbeat – it is caused by stress, anger, smoking, too much caffeine in coffee or tea. It is not fatal and it’s ok to have one.

Whether or not Bono enjoyed having his chest shaved is unknown at this time.

Q: I heard that Bono stripped in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

This is true. From Newsday March 27, 1992: At a dinner earlier this week at London’s celebrity haunt, Nikita, Bono surprised his 18 dinner guests by removing all his clothes – including his black bikini briefs – for no apparent reason. During the Russian meal of mainly vodka and caviar, we’re told the Irish rocker sat naked and acted as if being nude in a plush, crowded restaurant was the most natural thing in the world. Which, in some quarters, we suppose it is. “Sometimes people drink vodka and do strange things,” Nikita owner Sylvain Borsi told us. But didn’t he find Bono’s behavior a bit eccentric, to say the least? “No, he was very nice and very civilized,” Borsi said. “I think he just felt more comfortable with nothing on.” But he had a really good reason! From Newsday March 30, 1992 : His spokesman says Bono was actually being interviewed by a journalist during dinner when the Irish rocker decided to undress, as we reported. “The writer was so unimaginative, so frozen, so unloose that Bono thought it would be a good idea to take his clothes off,” the spokesman said. “And there wasn’t much of a reaction.”

“where the streets have no name” has got to be one of the most hypnotic songs i’ve ever heard.

yah, i just finished my hour break from studying…i spent an hour doing nothing, but once i get back to studying i think of all kinds of things to do…like discuss the hypnotic effects of “streets”….

i was thinking… it’s weird that eric likes orgy’s vapor transmission better than candyass. eric tends to like the loud, no talent droning guitar sound…which is more like candyass than VT. VT is more musical than candyass was, many more different kinds of sounds and melodies…some critics said VT was very drum and bassy (i disagree)…but candyass is just definitely more like everything else eric listens to, yet he doesn’t like it…hmm weird…

yes i am studying ๐Ÿ˜› shut up

something else for my wishlist: i want an old phrenology head. find me one. i found one on ebay, buy it for me

and see i AM studying for neuropsych, i’m at the phrenology part. lol

just so everyone knows, no, i am not insane. bono does indeed have 4 kids. just like i thought he did, but no… every damn u2 site i looked at for his bio said he had 3 kids, and that the youngest was around 2….but no, i was right afterall, he DID just have a baby in may, another boy…

yes i’m studying for neuropsych ๐Ÿ˜›

i take it back…. i do like most of this cd…it’s u2’s Pop… i don’t care for Miami as i stated, i HATE playboy mansion.. its one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard….velvet dress is ok, i don’t realize it’s even playing….Please is ok…wake up dead man is blah…ok so lemme start over. I like the cd songs 1-7…I dont like 8-whatever#…but i like PARTS of songs 8-whatever with the exception of playboy mansion which i just HATE.

something is wrong with me. i want clothes. i want to buy lots of clothes. i want to by clothes that i’d never wear. my clothes wishlist:
1. satin dragon jacket
2. lace up pants
3. the little shirt with fringe and black mini skirt with a black leather trench coat with fishnets and black whore boots like the outfit i tried on at Wet Seal.
4. the red furry jacket at Deb
5. the leather jacket for 400$ at Guess.
6. black dickies

i need to win a makeover and shopping spree.

i liked my hair today. yeah.

ok yeah so me and danielle went to the mall for dinner tonight. We went to eastview mall, which turns out is an hour away. yeah we’ve been there before, and I swear last time we went a different way and got there a hella lot faster. but i used eric’s directions, which were the same as yahoo directions, and it took like an hour. But we at dinner at Jack Astors, shopped for a while. she got the tea party transmission cd for 5 bucks at FYE. then we went to try on clothes at the Britney Spears slut store (aka Wet Seal). They actually had some cute, non slut stuff… ok yeah it’s still sorta slutty, but it was really cute. EVEN I LIKED IT!! I tried on this skirt, it was cream colored, knee length, with black crocheted lace over it. Tried on a medium I think, yeah, it was awful. it looked so bad, it was WAY too small. so then i tried on this little red shirt…it was like um…a tank top, but showed total stomach. it was red, black lace over it, and fringe. I could barely get it on, it was really small. Once it was on tho it fit. And I tried on this little black mini skirt. It was a LARGE and it fit perfectly. I looked cute ๐Ÿ˜› I just need the whore boots and long black coat, mentioned above. Then I tried the shirt on with black “leather” pants. they were really cute too, and only 19$… but they were too small. like, i really had to suck my gut in to button them. would have needed a bigger size. BUT I REALLY LOVE THE SHIRT AND IT’S SO NOT ME!! When would I ever wear it? orgy concert probably… or a club, if i’m forced to go again. ahah

and yeah i had my exam today. total wrong answer for the 5 pt essay. it was something about discuss 2 of the 4 protective factors established by Rutter… I was like, who the hell is Rutter?? So i totally bullshitted an answer… i talked about intelligence, and social supports… neither of which were discussed by Rutter (i looked it up in the book)… so that answer is totally wrong. there were 4 multiple choice questions i was unsure of, 1 i totally didnt know, so i guessed. And i bullshited alot of the other 2 essays. whatever. we’ll see how badly i do.

all day yesterday i was like “where is adrienne? why isn’t she online? her net must be broken”… but then i remembered last night, that today was “the big day”… i hope everything went ok….

quote of the day: “You can’t fuck people with your head, or maybe you can…” – bono

MJ: What do you think of Prince’s brand of salacious Christianity, which says that brilliant sex lights the way to paradise?

BONO: I just believe that Prince believes the same thing I do: that God is sex as well as love.

MJ: So you feel, when you listen to a Prince album, that you guys are singing the same gospel?

BONO: I feel very close to Prince, closer than you might think.

MJ: Closer than I would think, in that he’s considered sex-crazed, while the critics regularly describe U2 as nearly sexless.

BONO: I’m deeply insulted to hear you say that, and shocked, and mesmerized. I don’t think they could have been to too many U2 shows. You’d have to ask our audience. This may be one of those clichรƒยฉs from the critical community who generally themselves are completely sexless. You can’t fuck people with your head, or maybe you can…

MJ: Now, come on. You honestly think that the kind of really erotic sounds that you hear in “Sexual Healing” or “Little Red Corvette”, that there are U2 songs that have that kind of carnal energy?

BONO: No. Yes, I think there is a sexuality to U2. I don’t think it’s dressed up in leather, or high-heel boots, or that type of thing. I don’t think it’s the sort of peek-a-boo type sexuality. So, some people, who have to have a neon sign that says SEX before they see sex, may not see it in our music. But sex is a much subtler thing than that. Today you’ll find the exact same girl in the Coca-Cola ads and the rock videos. That’s not rebellious anymore. It sells products. And it is a product. That kind of overt or camped-up sexuality is no longer rebellious in the way that it was in the ’50s and ’60s, when people weren’t owning up that they even had a sex life. People needed that shoved in their face and rock’n’roll was a great medium to do it. But that doesn’t apply now…See, most things that a lot of people find sexy, I find incredibly funny! I don’t find the things I see out on the Strip, say, latex trousers, turn me on. They just don’t.

MJ: What do you find really sexy?

BONO: I’m not telling you.

MJ: Why not?

BONO: Just not.

MJ: Why should that be something you’re not willing to share?

BONO: I don’t know many people that would want the world to know. I might tell you, but I’m not telling them.

mj is not michael jackson LOL…it’s whoever was interviewing bono….

BONO: To try and make sense of the madness, we’ve found sanity in a song. Everything else, hotel rooms, cars, buses, airplanes, record companies, motion picture companies…it’s incredible. Just incredible. Sometimes I meet young bands. I just tell them one thing. I just say, “You know one song can change everything for you. Everything.” They say, “I can’t afford the gear. We’ve no lights. We’ve no PA. I’m unemployed.” I just say, “Put it into the song. Don’t put it to me. Put it in a song and I’ll listen to it then.” One young punk came up to me and said, “We can’t even afford strings, man. You’ve got fucking airplanes.” I said, “We wrote ‘I Will Follow’ on two strings. If you can’t get two strings together, fuck off!”



preface: i love michael jackson. i am not the kind of mj fan that “tolerates” or agrees with everything he does. so i feel it’s ok for me to criticize him.

ok so i finally dled the mj video for “you rock my world”. overall it was very entertaining, very good, chris tucker is HILARIOUS!
disappointed in that lacks a big dance routine. and disappointed in that the dancing in it seems way too reminiscent of every thing else mj has done….moves ripped right out of the dangerous routine, smooth criminal….i know i’m sounding exactly like all of mj’s critics, but he really needs some new moves….he needs to work with some new choreographers… like hire his old little buddy Wade Robeson…i’m sure wade would love to teach mj a thing or two lol.

dont get me wrong, i liked the video… i think mj looks terrible though… the make up…the one shot of his face at the end he looks
like a clown…and the fact that he tries to smile at the beginning, and his face doesnt move bugs me… mj fans can flame me if they want, but u cant deny it…


oh yeah, and joe doesn’t think i’m obsessive…he doesnt see me as the kind of person to get obsessive. obviously he doesn’t know me at all LOL

bono quote time… only a few… i think…. there are too many i found amusing as hell…

“The whole business of being in a rock & roll band is just ridiculous. I was thinking, it’s like having a sex change! Being a rock & roll star is like having a sex change! People treat you like a girl! You know? They stare at you, they follow you down the street, they hustle you. And then they try to fuck you over! It’s a hard thing to talk about because it’s absurd, but actually its valuable. When I’m with women I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to be a babe.”

“Frisbetarians believe that when they die their soul goes up on the roof and they can’t get it down.”

“The strangest thing has happened. I really missed my dog. That’s never happened to me before. You know, on a long tour you do hear people saying they miss their pets. I never have. But last night I started really missing my dog. It’s very odd, cos I don’t have a dog.”

bono is a complete nutcase and i love him….god what is wrong with me WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO OBSESSIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING! arg, damn my damn obsessive personality.

sometimes i really can’t get over how amazing the song “affliction” by econoline crush is. it amazes me that anyone could come up with the lyrics, music, etc that goes along with it. i’m in total awe of trevor hurst when i listen to this. it’s so incredible. omg…how jealous am i that i could never, ever create something as extraordinary as this song….

ok well, class…then took my car to the dealer to get the cd player replaced. the guy said it should be done by tomorrow afternoon, but maybe not cuz it was late and he might not be able to get a radio or something. i dunno.

have i mentioned how much i hate my internet at school. ive been trying to load a page for 20 minutes now. all i wanted to do is read an article about the MJ concert. so the page doesnt load, i hit reload, and then text comes up…instead of clicking the mj article link, i see U2 ANNOUNCES TOUR! so of course i have to click that link instead. but that doesnt load either. but, carolyn looked, and u2 are playing in hamilton on october 13th. I’m so there!!!!!!!! AHH excited!!!

the best email subject line i’ve ever gotten: “Subject : Sex Sex Slurp Slurp Squish Squish – ADULT CONTENT”


couple comments on the VMAs last night
1. i fucking love bono so much. sometimes he is so beautiful that i just want to cry
2. i love michael jackson. i forgot how happy he can make me.
3. the show was extremely boring except the 2 parts mentioned above.
4. britney spears’ performance was so boring, the song is horrible, and she is a bad lip syncher.

U2 in Buffalo

U2 – buffalo,ny – 5-31-01

Incredible show. I don’t even know what to say. Carolyn and I had seats in 300 level behind the stage. We had a perfect view of the stage, even if it was from behind. The stage was heart shaped, with people inside and outside the heart. PJ Harvey played first. I dunno….I guess she was good. I don’t like chick singers, all the songs sounded the same, I so don’t like that kind of music, and it was boring. But if you like her, I guess she was good. U2 came on at quarter to 9 ish. They started “Elevation” with the house lights on, which was cool. After that they played um…”Beautiful Day”, then “End of the World” and then I think “Mysterious Ways”….ok so I totally don’t remember the set list, I’m trying to find one….They played a really good mix of old and new stuff I thought. I was only unfamiliar with 2 songs, that I guess were from Zooropa, which I’ve only heard once, and of the 2 songs I know from it, I don’t think I’d even be able to recognize them…

At one point in the show Bono started talking about how the 3rd show they ever played in the states was in Buffalo, opening for Tallas (Tollas?), and it was on the night that John Lennon died…then he started singing “In My Life” by himself. He dedicated “In A Little While” to Joey Ramone. I missed the dedication to Michael Hutchence, I don’t think he did one, but he has in every other show so maybe he did and I wasn’t paying attention.

They did 2 encores…one, maybe the 1st one, was “Bullet The Blue Sky” that had an intro (I was told, we couldn’t see the big screens) of Charleton Heston talking about guns, and a little girl picking up a gun…I think some people missed the point they were trying to get across, that guns were bad, cuz a kid was on the radio talking about how he agreed with the Heston thing…

Um…I dunno what to say. It was just an amazing show. Bono brought 3 people on stage at different points. During “The Fly” he brought this girl onto the catwalk and laid her down on stage. I couldn’t see this part too good, but what I saw, Bono was laying/sitting on her, and she was laying/sitting on him for a while. Then he stood up and stood over her laying on the cat walk. I’d have died…what a concert memory.

woo hoo I just found the setlist…

Beautiful Day
Until the End of the World
Even Better Than the Real Thing
Mysterious Ways
In My Life/Stuck In a Moment
New York
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday/Get Up Stand Up
In A Little While
Where the Streets Have No Name
Encore(s): Bullet the Blue Sky
With or Without You
The Fly
One/She’s a Mystery to Me
Walk On

It was so worth the money…the hassle of not having tickets, trying to find tickets, buying shitty tickets LOL….it definitely places in the top 5 concerts I’ve ever seen. I don’t think it quite knocks off NIN toronto…it’s close tho…i think it doesn’t place in top 3 because the top 3 have alot more personal meaning to me, even though the concerts/shows themselves weren’t as good. Pure music/performance wise, this show is #2 after NIN….but overall, it’s probably #4….definitely need to see them again (from a better position haha)

this is the buffalo news review from buffalonews.com….

Musical Mission
Bono and U2 deliver a message of faith
By CRAIG SEYMOUR News Pop Music Critic 6/1/01

Irish rockers U2 brought its blazing brand of secular gospel to the HSBC arena Thursday night, marking the first time the band has played Buffalo since 1987. The band was on a singular mission to restore the audience’s faith in the importance of rock, humanity, of life itself. A large chunk of the two hour show paid tribute to the group’s late friends and fallen rock icons. Bono paid homage to John Lennon, who was
murdered on the night of U2’s first gig in Buffalo, by singing a verse from the Beatles “In My Life.” He also worked bits of classics by
Marvin Gaye (“Sexual Healing”) and Bob Marley (“Get Up, Stand Up”) into the set.

The band performed “Stuck in a Moment That You Can’t Get Out Of,” from their latest album, “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” which is
dedicated to ex-INXS fronman Michael Hutchence who committed suicide in 1997.

And the Southern Soul-inflected “In a Little While” was delivered by the band in recognition of New York’s own Joey Ramone, the former lead
singer of the seminal punk group the Ramones, who died from cancer last month. Bono stated that “In A Little While” was the last song that Ramone listened to before dying. “Now when I hear this song, I don’t hear it as a song about a hangover. It’s become a gospel tune. That’s
how cool Joey Ramone was.”

This song represented one of the night’s many moments that were devoted to the importance of people needing each other. “If I crawl/will
you be there,” he crooned like an Irish Al Green.

He introduced his bandmates before bringing them down front for a rattling version of “Desire.” And there was something touching about him
delivering introductions for people whom everyone in the audience knew. It served to represent another of the night’s inspiring themes: Don’t
take anything you hold dear for granted.

It was called the “Elevation” tour, and the band’s intent was to uplift and enlighten. (Although, given the $130 tickets, $45 T-shirts and $20 programs, the tour’s name had an unintentional double meaning.) Even the background music played before the show had a spirit raising theme: Jackie Wilson’s “(You’re Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher,” Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground,” and Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up.”

The stage had a breathtaking simplicity. It was a hollow heart made with curved red catwalks. You almost expected to see a fashionista strut down the stage, and indeed Bono did ape the moves of a male supermodel at one point in the show. The earnest set-up could have come off as corny, but the stylish design made it work.

Fans stood in the middle of the heart and also surrounded the stage. And the people on the floor seemed to enjoy being physically close to a band with whom they’ve felt such a close emotional connection.

Despite initial concerns about the show’s general admission seating policy, the crowd was very well-behaved. There were some body surfing incidents. At one point, Bono even had to tell a particularly hefty crowd surfer: “You weren’t designed to fly, friend.” But, overall, you’d see more pushing, shoving and beer-spilling on any given night on Chippewa.

The last time U2 played Buffalo, Bono was having vocal trouble, but he was in fine form Thursday night. He growled, crooned and even worked up some sanctified falsetto swoops. His voice has the intimacy of a storyteller. He doesn’t so much sing a song as weave a heartfelt tale.

The rest of the band was also in top shape, as evidenced by the Edge’s propulsive guitar licks; Adam Clayton’s throbbing, sometimes funky, bass; and Larry Mullen Jr.’s steady, unfussy drumming.

Opening act P.J. Harvey delivered several hard driving tunes from her latest album “Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea,” which is all about falling in love. “Do you remember your first kiss,” she sang on “One Line,” with her voice sounding as edgy and straight-forward as the music. And the black and white projection of Harvey on the overhead monitor only added to the raw power of her set.

A lot of the thrills in U2’s show came from the backdrops and light displays. Large drapes that evoked skyscrapers came down during “New York City.” Rays of light splayed like blooming flowers. And the video screens showed silhouetted dancers swaying during “Mysterious Ways,” and flickering images of gun violence and grief during the impassioned “Bullet in the Blue Sky.”

Although U2 played their other social change anthems “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “Pride (In the Name of Love,” which was followed by an impassioned plea from Bono on forgiving Third World debt, the night wasn’t really about politics. It was less about changing the world than treating life and other people more preciously….