“where the streets have no name” has got to be one of the most hypnotic songs i’ve ever heard.

yah, i just finished my hour break from studying…i spent an hour doing nothing, but once i get back to studying i think of all kinds of things to do…like discuss the hypnotic effects of “streets”….

i was thinking… it’s weird that eric likes orgy’s vapor transmission better than candyass. eric tends to like the loud, no talent droning guitar sound…which is more like candyass than VT. VT is more musical than candyass was, many more different kinds of sounds and melodies…some critics said VT was very drum and bassy (i disagree)…but candyass is just definitely more like everything else eric listens to, yet he doesn’t like it…hmm weird…

yes i am studying 😛 shut up

something else for my wishlist: i want an old phrenology head. find me one. i found one on ebay, buy it for me

and see i AM studying for neuropsych, i’m at the phrenology part. lol

just so everyone knows, no, i am not insane. bono does indeed have 4 kids. just like i thought he did, but no… every damn u2 site i looked at for his bio said he had 3 kids, and that the youngest was around 2….but no, i was right afterall, he DID just have a baby in may, another boy…

yes i’m studying for neuropsych 😛

i take it back…. i do like most of this cd…it’s u2’s Pop… i don’t care for Miami as i stated, i HATE playboy mansion.. its one of the worst songs i’ve ever heard….velvet dress is ok, i don’t realize it’s even playing….Please is ok…wake up dead man is blah…ok so lemme start over. I like the cd songs 1-7…I dont like 8-whatever#…but i like PARTS of songs 8-whatever with the exception of playboy mansion which i just HATE.

something is wrong with me. i want clothes. i want to buy lots of clothes. i want to by clothes that i’d never wear. my clothes wishlist:
1. satin dragon jacket
2. lace up pants
3. the little shirt with fringe and black mini skirt with a black leather trench coat with fishnets and black whore boots like the outfit i tried on at Wet Seal.
4. the red furry jacket at Deb
5. the leather jacket for 400$ at Guess.
6. black dickies

i need to win a makeover and shopping spree.

i liked my hair today. yeah.

ok yeah so me and danielle went to the mall for dinner tonight. We went to eastview mall, which turns out is an hour away. yeah we’ve been there before, and I swear last time we went a different way and got there a hella lot faster. but i used eric’s directions, which were the same as yahoo directions, and it took like an hour. But we at dinner at Jack Astors, shopped for a while. she got the tea party transmission cd for 5 bucks at FYE. then we went to try on clothes at the Britney Spears slut store (aka Wet Seal). They actually had some cute, non slut stuff… ok yeah it’s still sorta slutty, but it was really cute. EVEN I LIKED IT!! I tried on this skirt, it was cream colored, knee length, with black crocheted lace over it. Tried on a medium I think, yeah, it was awful. it looked so bad, it was WAY too small. so then i tried on this little red shirt…it was like um…a tank top, but showed total stomach. it was red, black lace over it, and fringe. I could barely get it on, it was really small. Once it was on tho it fit. And I tried on this little black mini skirt. It was a LARGE and it fit perfectly. I looked cute 😛 I just need the whore boots and long black coat, mentioned above. Then I tried the shirt on with black “leather” pants. they were really cute too, and only 19$… but they were too small. like, i really had to suck my gut in to button them. would have needed a bigger size. BUT I REALLY LOVE THE SHIRT AND IT’S SO NOT ME!! When would I ever wear it? orgy concert probably… or a club, if i’m forced to go again. ahah

and yeah i had my exam today. total wrong answer for the 5 pt essay. it was something about discuss 2 of the 4 protective factors established by Rutter… I was like, who the hell is Rutter?? So i totally bullshitted an answer… i talked about intelligence, and social supports… neither of which were discussed by Rutter (i looked it up in the book)… so that answer is totally wrong. there were 4 multiple choice questions i was unsure of, 1 i totally didnt know, so i guessed. And i bullshited alot of the other 2 essays. whatever. we’ll see how badly i do.

all day yesterday i was like “where is adrienne? why isn’t she online? her net must be broken”… but then i remembered last night, that today was “the big day”… i hope everything went ok….

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