the best email subject line i’ve ever gotten: “Subject : Sex Sex Slurp Slurp Squish Squish – ADULT CONTENT”


couple comments on the VMAs last night
1. i fucking love bono so much. sometimes he is so beautiful that i just want to cry
2. i love michael jackson. i forgot how happy he can make me.
3. the show was extremely boring except the 2 parts mentioned above.
4. britney spears’ performance was so boring, the song is horrible, and she is a bad lip syncher.

i love the internet. not like you care, but i downloaded the new michael jackson single. and i actually like it. the mp3 could be better, it has a lame radio call out hook throughout the whole thing to prevent burning/selling of it.

but it’s incredible, i wake up and have email that the song was premiered on 2 radio stations last night. the next email i read is from a friend who had the mp3 up on his ftp. in a matter of hours. amazing.