the tea party @ gratwick park

hey a free tea party show down the street from my house!! while they are never disappointing, getting the same set list 3 years in a row is getting a little old. especially since they are in the studio working on a new record i thought we might get something new, the way we did before interzone mantras. but alas, no, the same setlist as the last 2 lockport shows for the most part. they didn’t even do The River, when they were on a stage 15 feet away from the freaking river! But they sounded as good as usual, and it’s always entertaining, so I can’t complain too much. Jason came with again, as well as Jeff cuz he was off on Sunday, and not knowing them at all he was very impressed. it was damn hot, and knowing the band wasn’t going on until after 9 we didn’t end up meeting kate at her dad’s house until 8:30ish and walking across the park to get in. perfect timing.

Writing’s on the Wall
The Bazaar
The Messenger
Fire in the Head
Heaven Coming Down
Nobody’s Fault But Mine / Sun Going Down
Zahira / The Halcyon Days
Save Me / Kashmir
Winter Solstice / Sister Awake / Paint It Black

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