Hesitation Marks Review

It came in the mail today so now I’m allowed to listen. I really don’t know what to say.

the eater of dreams – instrumental to start the record.

copy of a – not bad, but having heard came back haunted, it’s very very similar.

came back haunted – first listen when it was released i was like….*crickets* jason asked “was that the dance remix?” no, no it wasn’t. but i listened on repeat one day and it grew on me. it’s ok.

find my way – initially makes me think of beside you in time, or something from the end of With Teeth. and first How To Destroy Angels EP. it’s sorta boring.

all time low – i liked this one at first listen. it’s got a groove to it. a dance vibe that isn’t based on a boring drum machine, more like the vibe from god given. trent should do a funk record lol. this might end up being my fav on the album.

disappointed – moooore drum machine. yay. not. under the covers sounding vocals like right where you belong. guitar like The Slip. i think he needs to get rid of that effect pedal along with the drum machine (see below). builds into a chorus that again is similar to came back haunted.

everything – i wish someone was here listening with me so they could see my face. brows furrowed, wtf is this? it doesn’t sound like any other nin song and it doesn’t fit the vibe of the album. and trent needs to throw out that drum machine that he bought before The Slip cuz i hate it. and i will probably hate this song. (listening a 2nd time, immediate thought, WTF! i feel like it’s a joke or something.) for one second it sounds like some band (i can’t think of), then the guitar has this 80s vibe to it, then the backing vocals are just…w.t.f. then guitars like getting smaller. and it’s so loud, nothing on this record is loud except this song. then everything stops. then 80s guitar again.

satellite – i like it, but it reminds me of something from the first How To Destroy Angels EP…BBB maybe? yes.

various methods of escape – i like the chorus. i like it. nothing else to say. (yeah, definitely like it)

running – druuummm machine, african feel?…repetitive and…meh. dare i say cliche? as a 33 year old with no angst do i just not relate anymore?

i would for you – and more drum machine. “ballad” of the album? “love song”? nice transition into the next song. with teeth era sound.

in two – he has an affinity to writing songs with only a few words per line. i don’t know that i like it. or rather, i don’t dislike it, but it’s being used too much. i think i’ll end up liking this one. there is some noise in it at the end that i can’t figure out if it’s in the song or my speakers messing up…thinking it is my speakers, cuz copy of a has it too.

while i’m still here – drum machine makes me think of Zero Sum. random saxophone all of a sudden. weird.

black noise – instrumental to close. i was waiting for it to start, but it transitioned so smoothly from the previous song, i don’t actually know what this exact song was lol.

i didn’t listen to the remixes, don’t know that i ever will.

Definitely not your “typical” nin record, but then again, what does that even mean? Every album sounded different from it’s predecessor and none really repeat the sound of any previous one. The comparisons of this to Pretty Hate Machine must be based on the extensive (overuse?) of drum machines instead of live drums (I think only one song credits Ilan Rubin for “live drums”. Lots of “percussion” and “electronics” credits instead.) And the reason I’m not into electronic music is that I find drum machines and electronics to be so repetitive that it gets boring. Please throw out that drum machine! I may like it better than The Slip, but “best album since The Fragile” as someone proclaimed on the nin hotline….it certainly is not.

i have my nin records in mp3s on 2 cds for my car. the 1st is PHM through Year Zero, plus a folder of bsides and stuff. the 2nd disc is ghosts, yz remix, the slip, and this. guess which one is going to continue to get the most play?

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