Japanese Potato Chip Taste Test

so….somewhere along the way LeighAnne and I got interested in trying strange flavors of potato chips…usually from Canada, cuz where else are we going to get strange flavors around here. For christmas Lei decided to buy me a bunch of bags of weird flavors from Japan. Score! So we decided to taste test tonight at the resurrection of Movie Night.

Jasen had the pleasure of being the one to open each bag and experience the initial aroma. So let’s begin

Seaweed and Salt
Jasen and Lei were almost gagging on the smell before passing it along to me for a whiff, and I think they exaggerated. I was the first one to eat a chip, and really it was the least offensive of the bunch. It didn’t really taste like much, a bit earthy maybe. James and Brian bought thought it tasted a bit fishy, or like seaweed, but really, it doesn’t have much flavor at all.

Soy Sauce and Mayo
This was the one I thought would be the worst. I mean, really, soy sauce and mayo. barf. It turns out this was the best of the bunch. It had a strange burny/ashy/campfire taste. There was nothing reminiscent of soy sauce (aka not very salty) or mayo (aka not gross). I wouldn’t say they were delicious, but definitely edible.

Salmon sushi and wasabi
This one came in a ziploc type bag, and inside was another bag. Let’s just say I could smell it as soon as Jasen opened it, and it was not pleasant. However the smell was worse than the taste. There was no wasabi taste to it at all, and I wouldn’t even say it was very fishy, just…different. And wow holy crap, I just opened the bag again to have another chip, the smell is so bad.

Shrimp and wasabi twistys
As Melanie said, it smells like a dirty fish tank. Indeed it does. She said it tasted like it too LOL. I don’t make a habit of lick cleaning fish bowls so I can’t say I agree. They really are not good, but for some reason James and I agreed that we’d probably eat them. They are one of those things that you’d probably sit there eating, while playing a video game or something and not realizing you ate the whole bag. Still not a very strong wasabi taste but…

Shrimp twistys
Jasen did throw up a little in his mouth upon opening these bad boys. They smelled even worse than the shirmp and wasabi ones, most definitely like a dirty fish tank and a bag of fish food, or brine shrimp, or ….ug. And the taste…you really want the wasabi ones. Even though you can’t taste any wasabi, it somehow brings SOMETHING to the table to make them at least slightly edible. These were just awful. Kitty didn’t even like them!!! I tried one in nacho cheese, it didn’t help. Ug. Awful.

I would say the shrimp ones were the worst, but one bag Lei bought has not made it through customs yet, and it has the potential to trump all of the above…Clam Chowder Doritos *gag*

I can’t wait til some day when Lei and I get to go to Japan and try more of their weird food, like octopus ink ice cream, and other fun things.

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