rammstein – air canada center, toronto, ontario

Adrienne2, Bliss and I headed up to Toronto to see Rammstein on their first time back to North America since…oh, Family Values in 1999. They are huge fans, me…I like them, they are fun, but being in German and all, I can’t say that I can sing along, or know any song titles or any of that. And the non english thing hinders my ability to really connect with the music. But it was still super fun and entertaining, and the music and show were great.

Opening band was Combichrist, who we saw with KMFDM and then again a few years ago on their own tour with Julien K. I’m only familiar with them through the shows, and they are a pretty good industrial band. They started right when doors open, so even though we got there at exactly 8pm, we missed a little bit.

Rammstein probably played a good 2 hours with, as expected, a great pyro show. Lots of plumes of fire, hand held shooters, face mask flame throwers, arm bands of fire, wings on fire, fire works, explosions, setting people on fire, a canon that shot foam (use your imagination haha). Yeah. Pyro. I was going to say it’s the best pyro show I’ve ever seen, but thinking about it, it may be the only pyro show I’ve seen. Regardless, it had to be the best one. Those Germans are crazy! I don’t know the setlist, and can’t find one. Good show, good music, very entertaining. Glad I got the chance to see them since they’ll probably never be back again.

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