cell phone camera lenses, what?

i was using stumble for firefox one day and got to a site that reviewed a lens for a cell phone camera…!! i had to buy one, it was only $15. it arrived today, and i was super excited to try it out. (test photos are on facebook)

the lens is a wide angle/macro lens, and i was confused how that was going to work when i ordered it. turns out you can unscrew it, and it becomes macro. there is a metal ring that you attach to your phone around the lens, and the other lens magnets onto it. but the review, which was done on an iphone, pointed out that the ring interferes with the flash. they were right, it interferes with my droid1 flash as well. it is a bit awkward to hold against the camera in wide angle mode, strangely a bit easier as macro, but still….it’s weird. so i’ll either have to bite the bullet and interfere with the flash, or rig it some other way (i was thinking some kind of paperclip hook). *update* i put the ring on, and yes it overlaps the flash a tiny bit, but it doesn’t seem to intefere with it much at all. it’s still bright, it still works, it just might not work very good using the lens period because it’s wide and will block the light.

so it’s cool. i’m just excited someone thought to make it, even if it’s not perfect. it is a phone afterall.

the lens came with fabulous Engrish instructions that i will now share


Installation Instructions
* This products use magnetism conformation If your cell phone camera around the hole is made of iron or can be adsorb material steel, then, there was no need to use paste Ring. If not, then following the following instructions. Thanks!

1. First, Make sure the Ring is suitable for your cell phone. Just make sure the camera positions around the hole diameter of 9.5 mm can paste diameter of 13mm interface ring
2. Please wipe clean the camera around the hole before installation.
Then take out Ring and carefully opened the back of the protection of the 3M paper.
3. Paste the interface ring to the phone camera hole and soft push for three times. Confirm the reliability paste.
4. It should be grateful to use the phone if the camera lens at the center, on the direct absorption in the Ring to use. (WTF?!)
5. Please in the light of chart 5 to take out LENS when after use. For ward magnetism interfere.
6. Please in the light of chart 6 to pack away the LENS after take out. For protect LENS surface.
7. you can hang it on mobile telephone use gallus. if you use it often.

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