dream: was at a nin show, my last one (tho not in chicago like real life), and trent was closing with “The fragile”….except that half way through the song he just decided that was enough, and stopped got up, and walked off the stage. from my vantage point i could see him go back stage, knock on a door, and then walk away. and i was really upset, on the verge of tears, that he didn’t finish the song. adr2 and cassie were with me, and we were all like wtf, why didn’t he finish the song. no one threw anything at him like when he walked off during “hurt” in 06, and there was no obvious reason as to why he stopped. this upset me so so very much, because it was my last show, and the closing song, and it couldn’t have been any more appropriate than to be “the fragile”. days later, i was still upset about it, so much so that i told them i was going to have to join twitter, because it was the only way to get trent’s attention to ask him why he didn’t finish the song, and to let him know how mad i was about it.

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