had multiple dreams about robin finck ha. first one he was working at hot topic during the down time when nin and gnr weren’t doing anything (most of the time ha) and we were talking and he was a tattoo artist (because hot topic was offering tattoos and piercings). we realized he was the one who tattooed me years ago in a detroit hot topic haha. we were going to go out for drink when he was done at work and i left to walk around the mall. when i got back to the store we were sleeping on one of the tester temperpedic beds out in the mall concourse (cuz apparently there were 2 of me). 2nd dream, robin was my date to the worlds largest disco which he was enjoying way too much, dancing to YMCA etc. during a break in music we were walking around and saw all these preppy people from high school, and i wanted to go walk by and talk to them to show them how awesome robin and i were. he was all excited about showing off hah

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