tonight was new kids on the block with jenn. 19 years later i finally get to see them and it was still super fun, and nice good old pop show. they performed for 2 hours, lots of new stuff that i didn’t know, and pretty much every old song that was at all popular. jordan did a reworked version of his solo hit “give it to you” (super hot) and joe did one of his solo songs as well. and joe doesn’t have tourettes when he is onstage 🙂 they still sound great (better than i remember them sounding live back in the day actually), and they dance and everything. openers were the dance crew jabawokees (sp), who were really good (makes me want to see MJ again), and jessie mccartney (young pop singer, i recognized one of the songs) who reminded me of Cory Heart (sunglasses at night) for some reason, maybe the 80s jacket. ran into mary and her sister, and some girls from work.


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