U2 “Moment of Surrender” review

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Moment of Surrender: Boring…zzzzzz….nice bass line. Adam’s been practicing! Holy Bono forcing his voice, no thank you, calm down. Background organ does not go with the bass line and drum machine. Weird gospel sound to it, do not want. The lyrics aren’t bad, a bit deep actually. The chorus is horrible.
Edge guitar is nice, but maybe mixed too loud. Ok I take it back, not sure on the lyrics…the beginning verses are decent, choruses all suck. Then WOAH loud out of place guitar riff for no reason. And more “oh oh oooohs”. God it’s 7 minutes long. 7:24 exactly, how awful.Who thought this was a good song? Who green lighted this one to be on the album? Fire them.

Grade: F. Hate. Will consistently get fast forwarded.

tomorrow, Unknown Caller

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