U2 “Magnificent” review

Time for….

Magnificent: Great start, great bass, great beat, great synth (lol), builds awesome. And then… “magnificent” *cringe* wow. Chorus: “only love can leave such a mark, only love can leave such a scar”…The verses are very nice, and as a whole the song is really good, I love the music of the song so much…except for no reason Bono sings the word “magnificent” and it ruins it all. Lots of “oh oh oh ohs” again. I think Bono runs out of things to say so he just goes “oh”. That’s ok, better than “some people get squashed crossing the tracks” haha.

Grade: B, love the music, hate the word “magnificent”. Please release multitracks so I can edit it out.

Next up: the gem…ha…Moment of Surrender

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