another dream about going to see nin, and with angela again. most of it was waiting in line outside the venue, walking around trying to find where we parked the car. then realizing that my right front door wouldn’t stay shut..you could slide it over and it would open, whether or not it was locked. i started freaking out that the car would get broken into or stolen. then ang didn’t have a ticket for the show so we were asking in the line and i ran into people i knew from other shows, and got in line with them. but then i left again to go back to the car to check on it, and i swear it had moved to another spot. i ran into rob taking pics around town. back into the line, and smashing pumpkins were playing and you could hear it from outside the venue. ang had disappeared somewhere, which was crappy cuz she really liked SP when we were in high school and now she was missing it. i found a bike and again went back to the car, which had moved to a completely different parking lot. then glen and his family were there, who knows why. started riding back to the venue, and realized i was late and doors were already opening and i had lost my spot in line. crap.

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