the US sucks

someone at work put on fox news (arg!!!) last night, and saw that obama won the SC primary by ALOT. that led to just a small discussion about the primaries (and the fact that i can’t change my party affiliation until AFTER the general election in november, despite what the ny state website said) and the candidates…a friend said if hillary wins he’s starting an assassination pool because no way will she survive 4 years…and thinking about it, neither will obama…and that is really telling about how fucked up the US is. because i agree, and it’s sad that our country STILL has crazies out there who won’t stand for a female or black (or god forbid both) president. i mean, get with the times america. it’s sick.

and of course, what else is sick is the fact that there are hate groups out there, one specifically, who stated they’d protest heath ledger’s funeral because he merely PLAYED a gay character in a movie. ok not that i understand these groups protesting things like matthew shepard’s funeral, but at least he WAS gay. it really makes me ill.

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