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had a bizarre dream about a new nin record, that was supposedly year zero. there was all sorts of hidden stuff in it that had to deal with the arg…like if you looked at a certain part of the packaging it told you a certain part of a song to listen to for a clue…which was turning the speakers really loud during the first song and you’d hear a voice say a number – which i forget now – that was the actual “year zero”, meaning that the album was taking place actually in the late 80s (?). i was trying to get to a computer to write up my review of the album, though i never got past the first song which had a woman talking softly on it, like la mer.

and in that spirit, time for my review of the new econoline crush cd, ignite. last thursday i went up to canada to find the cd. i have no idea where to buy cds in canada so i had asked around, with my first stop being walmart. well nothing is ever easy for me when driving around an unfamiliar place. i looked up where the closest one was, as opposed to just going to the one i know in st catherines. it is at morrison at qew…no problem. except qew doesn’t exit at morrison, the only exit once driving past walmart is thorold stone road. so i exited figuring it’d be easy to back track…not so. never saw the walmart again, eventually was almost back into the tourist area of the falls before crossing morrison rd. cool. took the road, finally found the walmart, which was back where i had exited qew. LOL. and they didn’t have the cd. fine, i’ll go to future shop in st catherines which i also know where it is. the kid working was about 12, i asked if they had the cd and he went to look it up. couldn’t spell it so he asked, and i told him…it wasn’t on screen, but he would have had to keep scrolling to see it and didn’t. whatever. i said i wasn’t from the area and where else could i buy cds. he said best buy. i asked where it was, he said 4th…AS IF I KNOW WHERE 4th IS! i thought it may be close and easy to find so i drove around a bit, didn’t find it. fine off to pen center, which i’ve accidentally found once but wasn’t sure i’d be able to find again. i did find it, but at this point it was almost time for me to head back home to go to the board meeting so i had 15 min to run in find HMV and find the cd. they DID have it. thank god. so off for home…figuring glendale went back into the falls (it doesn’t) so i had to back track back to 401 or 104 whatever the road is, and finally made it back into the states. the cd better have been worth it.

overall i guess it was. it was only $11, and though it’s short, 11 songs (i hate that), it is more gritty and rock-ier than “brand new history”, but nothing like “affliction” and definitely not as good as that or “devil”.
could have been – the yelling vocals sort of bother me, but the song has grown on me alot and is pretty cool
dirty – first single, average
psychotic – one of my favs, has a weird cool female vocal part, very unexpected
get out of the way – very stadium rock and roll with the “hey, hey” shouting, reminds me of gary glitter or something. another fav, it’s fun.
hole in my heart – sorta cliche, slower, not really my thing but not horrible
unbelievable – good music, but the chorus sorta bugs me, not sure why.
the love you feel – i think it’s supposed to be a “razorblades and bandaids” comparable song, the drums even sound similar, but doesn’t hold a candle haha. it’s good enough
heaven’s falling – my #1 fav from the album. rock-y and neat
burn it down – another fav, rock
bleed through – best “slow” one, tortured rock
you don’t know what it’s like 2007 – remix/rerecording of the song from brand new history, it’s got neat piano and sounds down tuned or something. it’s a “hidden track” actually track 23 or 24.

i considered taking sunday off to go see them in st catherines but i really need to work, it’s been so slow everyone’s been having to go home early or sit around doing nothing for 3-4 hrs a night, which is actually pretty horrible. EC will tour for ages around here as usual, so no big deal to miss the show.

monte carlo in vegas is on fire.

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