another reason on the list why i’ll never pay for metallica anything ever again….


“Attorneys for the gaming companies named in the lawsuit were bemused by the lawsuit. “Our company paid a licensing fee to feature the track ‘One’ by Metallica in Guitar Hero III,” counsel for Activision/Red Octane told reporters. “We don’t understand why Metallica would turn around and sue us, unless they’ve gone from insane completely batshit insane since 2001, but we’re confident that the law and our contracts will be enough to have this thrown out.”


“Some speculate that the various arms of the band’s crumbling media empire are so out of touch that they don’t know what they have and haven’t licensed, while others believe this may be one last desperate grab for attention from a band that has lost all cultural significance outside of reruns of “I Love the 90s” on VH1.


“The band infamously blamed file-sharing programs, which were quickly rising in popularity at the exact same time that Metallica was quickly disappearing from the mainstream consciousness, for the decline in their records, believing that it was Napster, not their own douchebaggery, that stopped fans from buying their albums.


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