haha aaron

oh aaron north…

what gear do you play on: Ruiner
The song always kicks in, and I go, “DAMMIT… what are the words I hafta scream really fast again? ‘The Ruiner knows Phil Spector, he likes wearing sweaters’ Right?”” hahahaha

what gear do you play on: The Perfect Drug
AN: That’s easy, only cos I remember finger-fucking the arrangement on that sucker forever. I know I play a Jazzmaster in drop D tuning, and make lotsa weird noises. It sounds cool, and is fun to play actually. Maybe we’ll even perform it live someday. Eh. Prolly not.

Trent made it clear from the get-go that he wasn’t really interested in me trying to sound like any of the old dudes anyway. He was like, “Instead of copying something Robin just copied from Richard, do what you want”… And to the dismay of kids everywhere with shaved eyebrows and those weird shoes with the big soles on them, I did.

man i still find it hard to believe aaron is 3 years younger than me…

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