black light burns

tonight was black light burns (or is it blacklightburns) at the icon with adr and eric. i had gotten tickets because julien-k (ryan and amir from orgy) were supposed to play, but checking myspace right before i left, turns out they canceled because ryan has laryngitis. boo. went anyway of course. it was 12$ come on haha. i had been following blb on myspace because danny lohner (ex-nin) and josh freese (current nin) were involved in the project, tho aren’t in the touring lineup. that’s ok too haha.

adr and i got there at doors at 6, got in line with…12 year olds. we seriously were the oldest people in line. this little boy in front of us asked if we knew where he had to pay, the girls behind us asked if it was an all ages show. the ticket said 16 and under had to have a parent with them. the girl actually asked if we would be her mom. WTF! hahaha inside wasn’t a whole lot better.

anyway. first band, local, as summer dies. eh. whatever. they played 4 songs. 2nd band, i couldn’t quite catch their name…affair, or a fraid, or something like that. again, eh, whatever. followed by soulidium. i didn’t think they were too bad but they had equipment problems. it wasn’t screaming, so it was ok with me.

somehow after their set we ended up talking to these 2 canadian guys who were standing in front of us, who ended up being way cool. talked to them through the rest of the show between sets. we all agreed that new tool = the suck.

then was horse, the band. the canadian guys had explained how you really had to see the band to get it. “it” being how bad they are. and wow. they didn’t disappoint, but i don’t think they were as bad as say…The World Provider. hahahah. horse, the band was quite amusing. their set involved the stage having plants all over it, a sort of throne for the singer, and stuffed animals which head banged during certain songs courtesy of the singer. most amusing part of their set, the pit. the people in the pit were ridiculous. no way to describe it. just amusing as hell.

sad thing about the evening, hardly anyone was there. alot left after horse, the band. there were maybe 100 people for blb. they missed out. while i followed the going ons of blb on myspace i didn’t pay too much attention and hadn’t listened to any. so i had no idea what to expect, and definitely didn’t expect what they ended up sounding like. and wes borland…wow. if i didn’t know that it was him singing, i’d have had no clue. i just have the image of him in limp bizkit and he really wasn’t at all like that persona on stage with blb. i was impressed. people who did stay seemed to be into it. the band left the stage right into the audience to sign stuff and all of that. bought the cd and got it signed. i hadn’t brought my camera after hearing julien-k cancelled so we took some pics on adr’s phone haha. said goodbye to the canadian boys and headed out.

adr and i tried to get food at nestors cuz i thought they might have falafel but they aren’t open 24 hrs anymore. off to denny’s…except they were closed for maintenance. wtf! ended up at freaking mcdonalds for the first time in ages.

all in all a good time. especially for 12 dollars haha.

the axe mens body spray commercials amuse me, the Bom chika wa wa ones, because david and i saw them all in europe months before they were on tv here haha. of course they were in german, but we got the point haha.

tomorrow tackling the concrete central climb. we’ll see what that quarter mile of rooftop holds. but whatdya know, it’s supposed to rain! could it be any different? ha

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